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“Pinulutan Ako Sa Bahay Ni Kuya!” Alexa Ilacad, May Maanghang Na Mensahe Kay Brenda Mage!



Just before the year ended, Alexa Ilacad exited the Pinoy Big Brother House along with her good friend KD Estrada. Her stay inside the house may be short, but for her it was a really meaningful experience.

All this time, the 21-year old singer-actress thought that everything’s going well inside the house. Little did she know that she has already become the topic of most conversations between her co-housemates.

Right after she left the Pinoy Big Brother house, Alexa took to social media to thank everyone who had supported her throughout her stay in the PBB house. According to her, when she entered the PBB house, she was armed with nothing but hopes and dreams but she ended up gaining a lot more when she left.

On that same post, she expressed how grateful she is to her fandom who never let her down.

However, since the actress already got the access to her social media accounts she was able to watch the viral clips from different episodes of Pinoy Big Brother.

We really can’t deny the fact that her endless debate with Brenda Mage is one of the much awaited scenes in PBB. But what does she have to say about this issue? In her most recent live show in the streaming App Kumu, she directly answered the netizen’s question as to how she will react if she gets to meet Brenda outside the PBB house.

It was at that moment when Alexa admitted that she got hurt upon hearing those words from Brenda. She even mentioned that she somehow became everyone’s favorite topic inside the house.

The actress said, “I’m not going to lie and be [a] hypocrite. And I will say na masakit. Ang sakit talaga. Wala akong ka idi-idea na parang na pala akong pulutan sa Bahay ni Kuya,”

She also admitted that it may take quite sometime before she’s able to forgive them for talking behiind her back.

“So, if I were to approach that person siguro it would take time. I think, for the other side kesa sa akin, kasi mabilis akong magpatawad. And I don’t like holding grudges. I think life is too short for all of that,” She added.

Nevertheless, Alexa stated that if ever their paths crossed, she would still remain professional.

“So, for me, if mag-apologize man siya o hindi, I will choose to be the bigger person, as always. And also, kung makita ko man siya, I’m a professional. I will be civil with that person,” she said.

“Respeto pa rin ang dapat manaig at kung siya wala siya nun, para sa akin that’s not my problem,” She continued.

The young actress also mentioned that she has already heard a lot of negative comments about her but she didn’t bat an eye because she believes that she’s not hurting anyone.

“Parang ang dami-dami kong nakikita. Ang dami kong naririnig, hindi kaaya-aya. But at the end of the day, at least, alam ko sa sarili ko, ako, wala akong inapakan na tao o sinabihan nang masama. So, makakatulog ako doon.”

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Liza Soberano, may inamin tungkol sa tunay na kalagayan ng kanyang mental health



Liza Soberano and Yassi Pressman are two of the most sought after celebrities in the entertainment industry.

Mental health is one of the most complex topics that everyone should be open to talk about. However, instead of being open minded about such topic, people tend to refuse to listen just because they believe that it’s all just in the mind and such disorders don’t really exist.

Apparently, it does exist and people should start taking care of thier mental health.

Slowly, people are starting to open up about their experiences and sufferings involving their mental health. However, the stigma still exists and so they always end up getting called “crazy”.

Liza Soberano is one of the celebrities who has been speaking and advocating about mental health awareness. The other half of LizQuen is known for being the celebrity who helps those who suffer from mental health disorders by sharing her experiences.

Just recently, Liza Soberano started her own podcast called “An Open Mind,” where she discusses different issues about mental health. Among the topics discussed were about stress, anxiety, and depression.

On Instagram, Liza expressed how excited she is for this podcast and even stated that this is her stepping out of her comfort zone.

Her post reads, “I’m so excited for the big, big plans I have in store for the year. Jump starting mine by exploring way beyond my comfort zone. Tonight at 6 pm I will debut in my first ever podcast called An Open Mind with me, Liza Soberano as your host.”

Liza also mentioned that it was Yassi Pressman who had introduced her to the people behind the Mind You Health System.

“I immediately knew I wanted to be involved. The past two years has really shined some light on the importance of prioritizing our mental wellness. It’s time to have honest, unfiltered conversations — without the stigma,” Liza said.

On the podcast’s first episode, Liza was with Yassi Pressman and they talked about the “imposter syndrome”. Aside from the Imposter Syndrome, they also talked about the challenges they had encountered in their lives as young celebrities.

The podcast started with the hosts talking about their Myers-Briggs Type Indicator personality type test.

“When I was taking the test I felt kind of weird about answering each question. I felt like I was being untrue with myself, for some reason.

“I feel like I’m so used to other people telling me who I am and how I should act that, it kind of conditioned me to think that way,” Liza narrated.

Meanwhile, Yassi Pressman shared the pain she experienced when her father passed away last year.

“It’s funny because I also invested in Mind You around March. Probably because it was one of the hardest times of my life and I didn’t know who to talk to,” sabi ni Yassi. Ang tinutukoy niyang Mind You ay ang mental health platform na sinimulan nila ni Liza at ni Nadine Lustre nitong nagdaang taon.

“I read more about how to handle panic and anxiety attacks. Like how to breathe and how to tap parts of your body. It would get really bad sometimes to the point of where it’s normal for your muscles to be tense,” Yassi shared.

On top of that, Yassi also shared her worst anxiety attack where she felt like she was going to have a stroke because of the paralysis she felt.

“I felt like I was gonna have a stroke. I couldn’t move my fingers, then it was my arms because I was so tired from shouting and letting everything out crying.

“My lungs were tired, my legs couldn’t move and my stomach was so tight. I was scared, I was really scared but now that I know that that happens I can handle my breathing better and I can not panic anymore and be like ‘it’s normal, and it will pass,’” Yassi added.

Meanwhile, Liza Soberano admitted that she also experienced having anxiety attacks and when that happens, her body shakes endlessly.

“I’m a people pleaser to a fault. I feel like if I say no to somebody, they’re gonna hate me and that I’m worthless. It’s a battle that constantly goes on in my mind.” Liza mentioned

Aside from anxiety attacks, Yassi Pressman also shared that she had imposter syndrome and it all started when she played the role of Alyana in Ang Probinsyano.

“Nagulat lang ako. Why me, of all people to be given this huge opportunity? To the point na hindi ako makapaniwala. Kaya ko ba? Will I disappoint people? Will I be enough? Malulunod ka rin sa laki ng project, eh,” Yassi explained.

Aside from Yassi Pressman, other celebrities like Enrique Gil, Cristine Reyes, and Gab Valenciano also joined the podcast. “An Open Mind” podcast is aired on Spotify, Apple podcasts, and other digital platforms.

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Anak Ni Iya Villania, Dinapuan ng isang malalang sakit.



Iya Villania confirms that her son Leon has just tested positive for COVID-19.

On Wednesday, January 12, Iya took to social media to share a photo of her beside Leon. Leon was seen sleeping while Iya was wearing a mask.

Iya then penned a heartbreaking message about how their little kuya has joined them on the ‘dark side’.

“I knew chances were slim but after almost a week, our little kuya (as well as our ate that takes care of Alana) has joined me on the dark side,” she wrote.

Iya also revealed that when Leon woke up, he has a fever and was also vomiting. She then proceeded to tell everyone how tricky this virus is.

“Geez… this covid is so tricky ah! It’s not as simple as positives with positives and negatives with negatives. The moment someone tests positive and is put in a room with other positives, the most recent positive’s day 1 becomes everyone else’s day 1 (did u get that?),” Iya wrote.

“so before having Leon join the dark side and bringing us all back to day 1, Drew and I had to decide for him to join the “clean” side since he was already on day 7 (although I brought him back to day 4 🙈)”

Iya then added that Leon is no longer infectious as he already tested negative in two antigens. With that, they have decided to let Leon join her other children.

“Still hoping for the best for Alana, Primo and our 2 other ates who are keeping the home from falling apart while I’m isolated,” she added.

The expecting mother, also expressed her thoughts about the situation.

She wrote, “This is so so tricky!!! It’s almost like it’s better if everyone just gets sick nalang so that you can all start and end together, but then you also don’t want to risk it and still hold onto that hope that others are spared coz you don’t know how bad it might actually hit them”

“If anything, given the situation, I still thank God that He allowed for Drew and I to get thru this first so that we could already be on the road to recovery to care for the little ones we love when it’s their turn.”

A week after Iya Villania confirms her pregnancy for their baby number 4, she tested positive for COVID-19. She made the announcement by posting a heartbreaking photo of her children, Primo, Leon, and Alana looking through a glass door that’s separating them from each other.

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Sino itong sikat na artistang babae na kina-iinggitan ng lahat matapos makapangasawa ng gwapong foreigner



Being a celebrity sure is fun. You get to earn a huge sum of money while doing what you love. It’s all fun and excitement until the world starts to interfere with your personal life.

It is probably the reason why most celebrities chose to keep things low until they already feel comfortable in sharing their personal lives with the world.

Roxanne Barcelo is one of the celebrities who chose to keep it ‘low-key’ until recently. The singer actress is now more open in sharing her life with her foreigner husband on social media.

In fact, on January 11, Roxanne shared a sweet photo of them taken on their museum date. The actres penned the words, “Our love is the sweet spot of being.”

Aside from her most recent post, Roxanne also made everyone giggle with her New Year post.

The singer actress took to Instagram on the first day of 2022 to greet everyone a happy new year and also to express how grateful she is for being able to find the right person for her.

She wrote, “Happy New Year everybody!!!!

“Thank you, my mahal, for holding my hand and dancing through life with me! You are the moon to my river and the whirl to my wind.

“W? quánx?nquányì de ài n? [I love you wholeheartedly]! Cheers to the rest of our lives together.”

Despite sharing their relationship openly on Instagram, Roxanne is still keeping things low-key as she chose not to tag her foreigner husband on her post. On top of that, she also closed the comment section to protect her and her husband’s private life.

Currently, Roxanne is staying in California with her husband. Her husband who was originally staying in Hong Kong and Taiwan, is now based in California.

On a separate post, Roxanne expressed how glad she is that their son finally spent the holidays with her husband’s family.

Funny thing about Roxanne is the fact that she calls her little family #ThePandaFamily, claiming that her husband has always loved pandas since he was little.

In one of Roxanne’s vlog, she shared that her husband once gave her a panda stuffed toy. Jiggs being the thoughtful person that he is, told her that she’s giving her the panda stuffed toy so that she can still feel his presence even if they aren’t together.

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