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Nagpanggap Na Pulubing Paralisado Ang Pulis Na Ito Upang Mahuli Sa Akto Ang Mga Kriminal, per di niya inasahan ang sumunod na pangyayari



People were inspired by the great lengths that this policeman went through just to catch the criminals in the act of robbing homeless people.

Vancouver Police Staff Sergeant Mark Horsley decided to disguise himself as a paralyzed homeless man with severe brain injury. Why you asked? For him to lure the criminals who have been robbing the homeless and disabled people.

According to the reports, Sergeant Horsley sat in a wheelchair for five days in the city’s Notorious Downtown Eastside. He mentioned that during those five days, no one took advantage of him and as a result, he even gained $24.

The senior police officer did such experiment following the incident of two disabled people being robbed at the Knifepoint. He thought that by pretending to be disabled, he can trap the criminals and give justice to what happened to the disabled people.

In the footage uploaded on July 2015, Sergeant Horsley was spotted sitting on his wheelchair with his opened waist pouch with money. By this set up, he’s putting himself at risk of becoming a subject of crime.

However, instead of capturing criminals, he captured how kind people really are.

In the video, a tourist from Quebec reached out to him and asked for permission to pray for his healing. Another man was spotted zipping up his waist pouch for him.

Aside from those two, there was another man who gave him 75 cents without telling him the reason behind it.

Sergeant Horsley said: “In all my interactions with people I told them I couldn’t count and when we were exchanging food or different things they would take change from my hand.

“Not once did anybody short change me. Not one person took advantage of my vulnerability.

“The generosity, the caring, was inspiring.

“Victimizing the vulnerable is far beneath the people of the Downtown Eastside.”

He added: “The community accepted me very quickly as being one of theirs.”

It seems that instead of getting frustrated because of the thought that he will be robbed, he was instead inspired because of how people took care of him and showed concern towards his situation.



After Getting Engaged, Isang SIkat Na Artista Buntis Na Agad!



CONFIRMED! A day after the beauty queen Sandra Lemonon got engaged with the professional basketball player Sol Mercado, she announced her pregnancy.

On Monday, Sandra Lemonon took to Instagram to announce that they are already expecting a baby boy. Her Instagram feed was filled with photos and videos taken from the gender reveal of their first baby.

On Instagram she wrote, “Our baby boy. #KingZ I’ve always imagined myself having a little baby boy. For it to actually happen is a surreal feeling.”


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A post shared by Mama Limonada🍋 (@sandralemonon)

In addition to that, Sandra Lemonon thanked her fiancé for giving her the best and the most priceless gift.

“You are an amazing life partner/friend and now Papa. Thank you for another priceless gift in helping me become a Mama. We love you.”

Furthermore, it was believed that the proposal of Sol Mercado was made during the gender reveal right in front of their close friends and families due to the similar settings and outfits.

“Creating life together. We love you Papi,” Sandra Lemonon wrote on Instagram along with the photos of Sol kneeling and asking her to marry him.

It was back in September 2021 when the 27-year-old beauty queen confirmed her relationship with the professional basketball player.

Sandra Lemonon who is from Taguig, has competed in the inaugural Miss Universe Philippines pageant in 2020 where she was one of the semi-finalists.


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A post shared by Mama Limonada🍋 (@sandralemonon)

In addition to that, Sandra also joined the Miss World Philippines back inn 2016 where she finished fourth place and as a semi-finalist in the Binibining Pilipinas 2018.

As for her soon to be husband, Sol Mercado is a professional basketball player in the Philippine Basketball Association. He was known for playing in the teams Rain or Shine, Meralco, San Miguel, Barako Bull and of course, Ginebra.

This isn’t Sol Mercado’s first engagement. He was first engaged with the Kapamilya Actress Denise Laurel and it was in 2016 when they called off their engagement.

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Maymay Entrada may ibinunyag tungkol sa pagtira niya sa Canada kasama ang kanyang Boyfriend!



Maymay Entrata happily stays in Canada with her non-showbiz boyfriend. After thinking about it thoroughly, the young Kapamilya actress Maymay Entrata has finally decided to fulfill her dreams of finishing her studies. Apparently, this has been one of the reasons why she decided to fly to Canada and stay there for the meant ime. According to Maymay Estrada, it has been a while now since she planned her trip abroad to continue her studies and hopefully earn her college degree.

In an interview with Inside News of Star Magic, the young Kapamilya actress has given everyone an update about her life abroad.

Maymay said that she’s really happy with her life in Canada.

“Ang buhay ko rito sa Canada ay masayang-masaya. Kasi parang matagal ko na po talagang pinlano na mag-study abroad.”

She also revealed that her mom knew about it even before she became a celebrity. Now that it finally came to reality, Maymay can’t contain her happiness.

“At alam ‘yan ng nanay ko kahit hindi pa po ako artista. Tapos ayun na nga, nangyari na siya, kaya sobrang masaya po sa pakiramdam,” Maymay said.

Aside from fulfilling her dreams, she also revealed that she’s happy with her personal life. She stated that her love month became extra special since she spent it with her non-showbiz boyfriend.

“Ang buong February ko ay masayang-masaya po. ‘Yung puso ko ay masaya, siyempre kasama ko ang special sa puso ko.

“Tapos isa na rin siguro dahil itong February na ito, marami sa pamilya ko ang nag-birthday kaya grabe, puumpuno ng selebrasyon,” She said

We can still recall that it was on February 14 when Maymay Entrata shocked everyone after she posted a photo of her boyfriend whom she called her Valentino.

Meanwhile, the former Pinoy Big brother housemate thanked everyone especially her fans, after the music video of her hit single “Amakabogera” earned more than 12 million views already.

“In-expect ko na maganda ‘yung kinalabasan at papatok ang music video dahil sa konsepto na ginawa nila.

“Napakatalino nila, napakagaling nila, at sobrang gaan nilang katrabaho. ‘Yung nagshoot kami nito, sabi ko, ‘Ay jusko! Hindi pa nga nagsisimula, nakita ko na mga storyboard tsaka mga shots nila, wala na! Ito na ‘yun, papatok ito!’” She said.

“Very empowering talaga ‘yung bawat linya ng ‘Amakabogera.’ Naging magandang inspirasyon ang ‘Amakabogera’ sa mga tao,” She added.

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Lalaking Inaresto At Nakilala Sa Meme Na “Wala Na! Finish Na!” Nagbagong buhay na!



Everyone truly deserves a second chance. Although views and opinions of people may vary, we still can’t deny the fact that each and everyone of us is entitled for another shot to change our lives forever.

Bethoven Delmar Jr. is only one of the millions of people who deserve a chance and when he finally got that chance at life, he made sure that it wouldn’t be put to waste.

Bethoven Delmar Jr. was once a popular personality on social media after his interview with News5 went viral online.

In 2015, Bethoven Delmar Jr. was arrested by the authorities in Cubao, Quezon City after he tried to break into a home, rob, and even tried to take advantage of a woman.

While detained, he was interviewed by a newscaster in News5 and the man said, “Swerte pa ‘ko kasi hindi pa si Duterte ‘yung nakaupo. E kung si Duterte, wala na, finish na.”

His statements truly captured the attention of everyone on social media to the point that they even created memes about him and his statements.

Exactly 7 years after he was interviewed for committing a crime, Bethoven Delmar Jr. decided to take on a different path in life.

Recently, he once again become the center of talks on social media not for another crime he committed, but because of how he had changed his life ever since he welcomed God back into his life.

In a Facebook post made by Garry B. Gonzales, he shared that Bethoven Delmar Jr. recently visited the Bethany Triumph Baptist Church in Bagong Silang, Caloocan.

“With one of our first-time visitors in the Church.. the guy who went viral for his famous line “Wala na Finish na”…
Praise the Lord he accepted Christ as his personal Lord and Savior…
Praying for his growth and baptism soon… 😇🙏”

He also added that Delmar Jr., recalled why he said the words “Wala na, finish na” in his interview.

“He told me that he uttered that crazy line to mean that he could have been dead or finished already if he was put behind bars during Pres. Duterte’s term.. Fortunate of him, he was caught just a few weeks before the president’s installment into office, and was released after a couple of months for justifiable reasons,” Garry added.

Gonzales then pleaded everyone to better make their remarks decent for they have no idea what Delmar Jr. went through.

“Note: Better keep your comments decent and appropriate. You do not know his entire story. Legally, spiritually, and personally, there’s no reason to make judgmental and excruciating comments. Be careful with your words and look at the bright side of life.. There’s nothing impossible in the wondrous salvific love of the Lord… The prodigal son is finally at home! 😭 God speed! 😇🙏” Gonzalez wrote.

As of this writing, the post has already garnered a total of 44 thousand reactions and more than 34 thousand shares from the netizens who were inspired by how he changed his life.

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