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Isiniwalat Na Kung Paano Nga Ba Nagsimula Ang Love Story ng Tambalang Francine At Seth



Is the friendship of Andrea Brillantes and Francine Diaz, over?

This is the question that everyone’s currently asking following the controversy linking Francine Diaz and Seth Fedelin.

It all started when the photo of Seth Fedelin in the Diaz residences went viral online. On the said photos, Seth was seen hanging out with Francine’s family and even took photos with her sister.

A lot of people were surprised to see Seth hanging out with Francine’s family. That’s when people started spreading rumors that Seth and Francine are getting real.

What made the controversy grew even bigger is when Andrea Brillantes and Francine Diaz allegedly unfollowed each other on Instagram. However, further reports mentioned that Francine did not unfollow Andrea. Instead, Andrea blocked her on Instagram.

The question is, what is the real score between Francine and Seth? Both camps have remained silent regarding the issue.

While the parties involved are still silent about the issue, let’s go on a trip down the memory lane and recall how these love teams started.

It was in 2018 when Francine Diaz, Andrea Brillantes, Kyle Echarri and Seth Fedelin started working with each other in the hit TV series “Kadenang Ginto.”

The four young artists grew closer while filming for the series, thus, giving birth to “The Gold Squad.” Their managements later on set up a YouTube channel for them where they did a lot of pranks and challenges.

Since these young celebrities have been spending a lot of time together may it be on or off cam, it’s impossible not to develop feelings for each other.

While they have ther own love teams which are SethDrea and KyCine, the netizens aren’t removing the possibility of them switching partners. In fact, on Tiktok, eagle-eyed netizens are posting video compilations that somehow show how Seth and Francine adores each other.

On one TikTok video, Kyle was speaking to Francine when he addressed Seth as her boyfriend. People think that he accidentally revealed the real score between the two. Meanwhile, Seth was spotted hiding in a pillow due to Kyle’s actions.

The said clip was taken from the vlog of ThatsBella that was posted on October 2019 when they did the 5-second challenge. In this challenge, the participants have to answer the question within 5 seconds and if not, they will receive a punishment.

Apparently, Kyle was not able to answer the question and so they started hitting him with a pillow. Francine was spotted hitting Kyle multiple times when Seth interfered and said, “Huy teka lang inaaway niyo na naman si Kyle eh.”

Kyle then agreed and accidentally said the word “Boyfriend”. He said, “Mas may paki yung boyfriend mo kaysa sayo eh.” While speaking to Francine.

Aside from the 5-second challenge, there’s also another short clip wherein both Seth and Kyle gave flowers to their reel partners. Even though he’s giving flowers to Andrea, he was seen staring at Francine instead.

Despite having their own love teams, it appears that their own fandoms wished to see them with a different onscreen partner. It was then when people started shipping FranSeth.

However, Andrea Brillantes and her fans didn’t seem to like the idea and so the controversy started growing. Her fans defended her by saying that they should just give her the privacy that she deserves and to stop blaming her for getting hurt.

Due to the controversies that are circulating online, people continued to dig their past videos. The netizens then found old videos of Francine and Andrea giving out answers on the thought of switching partners for a project.

Andrea was quick to mentioned that she doesn’t want that to happen saying she’s “Selosa.” She then defended her statement by saying that they already have plans for SethDrea. They have a specific goal that they wish to achieve together and she mentioned that it would really hurt if Seth would reach those goals without her.

On the other hand, Francine said that she would be fine to switch love team if it’s for work. She mentioned that she will do it if that’s what the project requires her to do.



Rey PJ Abellana, binawi ang naunang pahayag tungkol sa pagkakaroon ng one night stand ni Tom Rodriguez




Binawi ng batikang aktor na si Rey “PJ” Abellana, ama ni Carla Abellana, ang naunang pahayag nito na mayroong naka-one night stand ang kanyang manugang na si Tom Rodriguez.

Sa kanyang panayam sa GMA News kamakailan lamang, ibinahagi ni Rey PJ na kinausap siya ni Tom tungkol sa bagay na ito at sinabi ni Tom na walang katotohanan ang mga paratang at akusasyon sa kanya.

Ayon daw sa aktor, walang one night stand na nangyari.

Kwento ni Rey PJ, “At first, nalaman ni Carla na may issue na one-night stand na involved si Tom. Si Tom naman already able to explain kay Carla na wala naman din pong katotohanan ito at naiwasan naman din niya na mangyari iyon.

“Wala pong natuloy na one-night stand according to Tom’s side,” paglilinaw pa niya.

Sa kanilang pag-uusap daw ni Tom ay paulit-ulit nitong sinabi sa kanya kung gaano nito kagusto na magka-ayos sila ng kanyang asawang si Carla.

Umiyak pa raw si Tom sa kanyang harapan at ipinaliwanag kung gaano niya kamahal si Carla kaya niya ito pinakasalan.

Lahad pa ng beteranong aktor, “When he came over to talk to me and explain his side, he would cry along with his explanations and everything and he keeps on saying na, he wants his wife back.

“He wants Carla back. He loves Carla very much that’s why they settled down.”

Sa nasabing panayam, inamin din ni Rey PJ na nagalit sa kanya ang anak na si Carla dahil sa mga pahayag niya tungkol sa ‘di umano’y hiwalayan ng dalawa.

Matatandaang sa panayam kay Cristy Fermin, ipinunto ni Rey ang ilang bagay tungkol sa “breakup” ng mag-asawa. Una, ang one-night stand issue, na binawi lang rin ni Rey kalaunan; pangalawa, kung paano siya naniniwala na si Tom ay hindi bakla; at pangatlo kung paano niya naiintindihan ang ‘di umano’y pagtataksil ni Tom.

Kinausap daw siya ng kanyang anak na si Carla tungkol sa mga naging pahayag niya. Nang magpaliwanag siya dito ay hindi na raw nag-reply pa ang aktres sa kanyang mga mensahe.

“She was mad. She was questioning me, why it came up that way. Of course, I explained it to her right away and after explaining my side, hindi na din naman siya nag-message ulit,” anito.

Matatandaang January ngayong taon, ilang buwan ang nakalipas matapos ikasal sina Carla at Tom ay umugong ang balita na hiwalay na ang dalawa.

Hanggang ngayon ay wala pa ring inilalabas na pahayag ang dalawa tungkol sa mga kontrobersiyal na isyu tungkol sa kanila.

Anong reaksyon mo sa balitang ito? Share your thoughts!

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Isang sikat na aktres, binugbog di umano ng kanyang boyfriend!



Before she was rescued by the authorities, sexy star Ana Jalandoni sent a message to her friends asking them to help her because her boyfriend is killing her.

The Women’s Desk in Tagaytay City Police is currently investigating both Kit Thompson and his girlfriend, Ana Jalandoni.

According to the Philippine Entertainment Portal who were able to get in touch with the authorities in Tagaytay City Police, at around 6:29 in the morning of March 18, 2022, when they received a 911 call from a woman who suffered from injuries and is asking for help.

Tagaytay Police quickly responded to the call and later on discovered that the victim who sought help was Ana Jalandoni. The incident took place in Amega Hotel located in Km. 54 in Emilio Aguinaldo Highway, Silang Junction South, in Tagaytay City.

The sexy star was immediately brought to Tagaytay Medical Center to get the treatment she needs while Kit Thompson was sent in Tagaytay Police Station for an investigation.

Before Ana was rescued by the Tagaytay Police, she was still able to send a message to her friend to ask for help. she did not only send a chilling message but she also attached a photo that showed the injuries on her face.

“Please help me! Please call police!!! Keith is killing me. Please please help me,” Ana’s message to her friend reads.

According to the reports, Ana Jalandoni asked her friends not to call her cellphone because it might awaken her boyfriend.

It was also confirmed by PEP.PH from the hotel itself that Ana and Kit did check-in on their hotel however, they refused to give any information about what happened.

The friends and co-celebrities of Kit and Ana were shocked by the news and didn’t even thought that their relationship would end up in an investigation because of assault.

It has only been three months since Kit Thompson made the announcement on his Instagram account back in December 15, that he’s in a relationship with Ana Jalandoni.

Kit Thompson is a former housemate in Pinoy big Brother Teen Edition 4 back in 2012 while Ana Jalandoni was introduced as a sexy actress when she starred in the movie “Paglaki Ko Gusto Kong Maging Pornstar” that was released back on January 2021.

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Sikat na artistang babae, pinatunayang hindi hadlang ang edad sa pagtatapos sa pag-aaral



Ruffa Gutierrez has become an inspiration to every working mom out there who also dreamt of completing their studies and at the same time, working to provide for their children. The former beauty Queen excitedly announced in public that this coming July 2022, she will finally be earning her college degree. In It’s Showtime’s segment called “Sexy Babe,” Ruffa, who happens to be one of the judges, was asked by the hosts as to why she was absent a few days ago. Ruffa Gutierrez then said that at that time, she had academic deadlines.

“Naku, nag-aaral ako. I had academic deadlines! Practicum ko na. Tomorrow ang last day ko,” She explains.

“I’m graduating college in July,” Ruffa revealed. She took up Bachelor of Arts major in Communication Arts at the Philippine Women’s University unde the Expanded Tertiary Education Equivalency and Accreditation Program or ETEEAP.

Ruffa who is also a working mom sasid that at least she’s no longer just a high school graduate. She also proudly explains that at the age of 13, she’s already working.

“At least hindi na lang ako high school graduate. Pero, excuse me, 13 years old naman nagtatrabaho na ako, ‘di ba. It’s never too late!”

It was back in May 2021 when Ruffa Gutierrez confirmed through social media that she finally went back to school to earn her college degree.

“After 34 years of working in the entertainment industry, I have chosen to further my education.

“Not only do I want to fulfill a long-held dream and take control of the next chapter of my life, I want to set a good example for my children. I hope you can support me in my new journey,” She wrote on her Instagram post.

Meanwhile, in an interview in Magandang Buhay last month, she admitted that her special someone was the one who encouraged her to go and earn her degree.

Rumors have it that the special someone she’s talking about was the former Quezon City Mayor Herbert Bautista who happens to be her rumored boyfriend.

“Para siyang mentor, kasi sabi niya, ‘alam mo matalino ka, bakit ayaw mong mag-aral ulit? Tapusin mo ‘yung college mo,’” She said.

The former beauty queen also explained that her children Lorin and Venice served as her inspiration to reach her dreams.

“For them to just express na they appreciate you, napakalaking bagay nu’n,” She admitted.

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