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Isang Kilalaning Personalidad, Dinapuaan Ng Isang Malalang Sakit



On Friday, 7th of January, Kapamilya news anchor Karen Davila admitted that she and her family tested positive for COVID-19.

The news anchor took to Instagram to answer the question as to why he’s not seen on TV Patrol. As it turns out, their whole family tested positive for COVID-19 but she was really grateful that they only had mild symptoms. She also added that it might be because they are all vaccinated.

“Many of you have asked why I wasn’t on TV Patrol for our free TV @a2zchannel11 launch. Five days ago, our family tested POSITIVE for COVID19. Our 14 yr old son Lucas first tested positive on antigen and we immediately took an RT PCR test as a family,” she shared.

“Praise God our symptoms are MILD and I believe that is because we have all been vaccinated & 2 have us have had booster shots. Lucas completed his vaccinations last October. David & I had booster shots last Dec 18. My husband DJ is fully vaccinated & has yet to take his booster shots,” she said.

Two days after Karen Davila’s announcement was made, another news anchor took to Instagram to announce his current condition.

Kapuso news anchor Arnold Clavio admitted that he tested positive for the same virus. He stated on his post that he got in close contact with someone who tested positive. He immediately had an antigen test which came out negative.

Arnold wanted to make sure about the results so he took an RT-PCR test and it was negative. Not until he took another antigen and this time, he tested positive.

His whole post reads: “After almost two years, this is my first time to be infected by Covid19 virus… It’s real and serious… Although may mild symptoms ako, like cough due to hyperacidity, last Thursday may close contact ako sa isang nag-positive…

“Immediately I had my antigen test done and it turned out ‘negative’… Yesterday, after his rtpcr test, the result was ‘negative’… This morning, para makasiguro, I had my antigen test again and bad news – I am ‘positive’… And the only way to fight this virus is a positive thought…

“Sa kabila ng pag-iingat ko, wearing of mask, hand washing, social distancing, vitamins, immune booster, lots of vitamin D, tinamaan pa rin ako and I don’t know how… So be careful everyone… See you in after 7 –
14 days of isolation… God is good! Amen. 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏”

It appears that this has been the current issue of most TV networks as they become understaff due to their people testing positive for the virus. Due to being understaffed, most TV networks had to limit what they have to offer to their viewers.

Going two years in the pandemic, this should already teach us that COVID-19 is real and that we should all be responsible citizens. Always make sure to wear your masks, always sanitize and please, get vaccinated. If you’re already vaccinated, please get your booster shots.



Kinamuhian Ng Netizens Ang Anak Na Ito Matapos Punahin Ang Luto Ng Kaniyang Ina!



Being a mom is known as the most difficult job in the world. People often look down on moms without even considering how hard it is to be one.

Before you look down on every mom out there, make sure to consider that these moms are doing their best to take care of the kids, raise them, feed them and at the same time maintain the household. Without these hardworking moms, every home out there would be such a mess.

However, it appears that despite all the hardwork that there are still some children who continue to disrespect their parents.

In fact, just recently, a netizen has become a trending topic online after he shared how his sibling has treated his mom just because he didn’t like the food his mom cooked.

According to the YouTube vlogger and social media influencer known as AmbonTV, he saw his mom looking sad while eating. When asked about it, his mom said that his sibling refused to eat the food she cooked because it didn’t taste good.

“Nakkita ko Mama ko kumakaen mag isa tapos tinanong kobakit parang malungkot sya. Ayaw daw kumaen ng kapatid ko kasi yung nilutong ulam e nasobrahan sa lapot nawalan ng sabaw.”

“Sumablay daw.”

AmbonTV then continued and said that what he did was, he ate with his mom despite that he has already eaten.

“Ang ginawa ko, kumuha ako ng kanin kahit busog pa ako. kinaen ko yung nilutong ulam ng mama ko para ipakita na naappreciate ko yung luto niya.”

He then continued and said that what his mom cooked taste really good and when he told his mom about it, he finally saw a smile on her face.

“Sabi ko nga masarap naman luto niya e. Tapos yun ngumiti na. Pero masarap talaga sya nawalan lang ng sabaw. Wag kana malungkot Ma. I love you.”

AmnbonTV then ended his post with a message for everyone to continue loving and appreciating all the things that our parents are doing for us before it’s too late.

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Kiko Estrada Na-Insecure ‘Di Umano Kay Joshua Garcia Kaya Nag-resign Sa Darna!



Recently, Kiko Estrada became the center of talks online after he was removed in the cast of the remake of Darna. His sudden removal from the series has sparked controversies wherein some people believe that he was replaced for being hard-headed.  However, there’s also a rumor that he was not fired from the show but he rather resigned because of conflict in schedule.

And now, it seems that more and more controversies are being linked to Kiko Estrada and his supposed character in Darna.

In the most recently vlog update of Showbiz Update featuring Ogie Diaz, Mama Loi and Ate Mrena, they talked about the real reason why Kiko is out in Darna.

According to Ogie Diaz, Kiko Estrada was suddenly removed from Darna for not showing up on the next cycle of the taping.

“Kasi naliliitan daw siya sa role niya,” Ogie said

“Ha? Bakit ano ba ang role n’ya?” Mama Loi asked.

According to the reports, Kiko’s role belongs in a love triangle between Joshua Garcia and Jane De Leon.

“Ang balita sa akin ay love triangle raw siya ni Joshua (Garcia) ni Jane de Leon bilang si Narda at si Darna,” Ogie said.

Mama Loi was shocked and even said that with his role, it would appear like he has the same importance with Joshua and Jane.

“Kaya nga nangarag sila (production team) kaya bigla-bigla na lamang silang kumuha ng kapalit at ang nahanap nila ay si Paolo Gumabao. In fairness okay din naman na choice ‘yun. Pero di ba, wala namang maliit na role?” Ogie added

Ogie Diaz then recalled the late veteran actor Eddie Garcia who will accept whatever role is given to him for as long as his name belongs in the cast of either a show or a movie.

Ogie then continued and said, “Si Kiko gusto yata parang off-beat na ibang klase na feeling niya ay big break sa kanya baka hindi niya ‘yun naramdaman.”

Mama Loi got curious and asked a followup question on Kiko’s sudden disappearance from the next cycle of the taping.

“Pero ‘Nay ‘yung sinabi mong bigla na lang siyang hindi um-attend (taping) ano ‘yung walang pasabi, walang paalam? On the day of the lock in hindi na lang siya dumating?” Mama Loi asked.

“Paano magpapaalam, e, bigla rin naman siyang nag-resign. Kaya nagkukumahog silang makahanap ng kapalit. Pero kapag ganyan alam mo sa isang istasyon sa akin lang ha (opinyon) pag nag-attitude ka mamarkahan ka nila.

“Mamarkahan ka ng production, mamarkahan ka ng network. Kaya posible na hindi ka nga ban pero may silent ban. May mga ganyan kasi minsan ayaw na nilang maka-trabaho ‘yung mga ganu’n na napaka-unprofessional. Pero hindi naman natin alam kung ano naman ‘yung dahilan ni Kiko,” Ogie Diaz continues.

Ogie then noted that as a producer and a manager, he wouldn’t want to work with someone like him for it will only cause stress.

Ogie then continued and said, “Kung anuman ang rason ni Kiko sana ay hindi niya pinagsisihan pero ‘yung biglaang pagre-resign kung totoo man ito na sana ay hindi pero kung totoo man, e, parang hindi yata maganda dapat ahead of time. Saka kung na-establish na ‘yung karakter ang hirap no’n ah.”‘

Mama Loi and Ogie Diaz then took notice of the fact that Kiko’s actions made it difficult for everyone for they had to retake all the scenes that included him.

Furthermore, Ogie said that somehow, Kiko Estrada went on hiatus on social media.

“Korek! E, di retake lahat, re-shoot kasi nandoon siya, paano ‘yan? Aabangan natin ang susunod na kabanata diyan.

“Saka parang nagpahinga si Kiko Estrada. Absent muna siya sa social media kasi tinanggal na niya lahat ng post niya kasi na zero post siya at zero following pero verified ‘yung account niya na may 464 thoudand followers.

“Baka ito na ‘yung hudyat na gusto muna niyang magpahinga. Dahil one time sabi niya sa akin, ‘magpapahinga muna ako sa social media, tito Ogie.’

“Dati ha, sabi niya sa akin after nila ni Heaven (Peralejo), naku, e, sana maayos ‘yan ha? Importante ang mental health,” He said.

The tandem then continued with their vlog to congratulate Paolo Gumabao for being part of the show. They also noted how good of an actor he is.

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Katotohanan Sa Balitang Problema Sa Relasyon Nina Julia Barretto At Gerald Anderson Ibinunyag!



“Nonsense” is how a concerned someone described the viral controversy about Julia Barretto and Gerald Anderson’s relationship.

Recently, the celebrity couple Julia Anderson and Gerald Anderson became the center of talks online after the 24-year-old actress posted a photo a quote from a book on her Instagram story.

On her social media account, Julia Barretto posted a quote that reads, “Love that doesn’t include honesty doesn’t deserve to be called love.”

The quote came from the book “The Silent Patient” that was written by a British best-selling author Alex Michaelides which happens to be the current book that the actress is reading.

The actress loved the quote “Love that doesn’t include honesty doesn’t deserve to be called love” that’s why she decided to post it on her Instagram story.

However, it appears that the entertainment sites have taken it too seriously and thought that the quote is a controversy involving the relationship of Julia Barreto and Gerald Anderson.

People thought that with the quotation she posted, the celebrity couple are already on the rocks in terms of their relationship.

What made the netizens believe the rumors even more is when Julia Barretto admitted in a previous interview that they don’t have plans for the Valentine’s Day.

In the media conference of Bahay Na Pula, Julia Barretto said:

“Meron po akong scheduled wisdom tooth removal ng February 14 so wala akong exciting to share about Valentine’s Day. I will be in GAOC, magwi-wisdom tooth removal ako ng araw na ‘yon.

“I’ll probably celebrate Valentine’s the day before,” sabi ni Julia.

It was back in March 2021 when Gerald Anderson and Julia Barretto admitted that they are in a relationship. A lot of people were furious at first because of the “third-party” controversy. However, the netizens changed their views when they witnessed how in love they are with each other.

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