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Iniwan Nila Ang Kaawa-awa Nilang Ina Sa Lumang Bahay. Nang Pumanaw, Nabigla Sila Kung Kanino Ipinamana Ang Kaniyang Kayamanan!



People always say that in order for you to know that your partner will be a good husband, you should see how he treats his mother. Why you say so? Simply because a son who respects his mother will not do anything to hurt another woman who can be his children’s mother someday.

However, it seems that things aren’t exactly how it seems in this story.

For the past five years, a woman named Amanda has been living in her old home in Northern Texas along with her husband. Amanda has a small business in the market and so a lot of people know her and pay respect to her.

After handling their business for quite some time, Amanda finally decides to stay at home and in their farm along with her husband, Lloyd.

Lloyd and Amanda has been together for more than forty years. Their love for each other grew and soon they became parents to Walt and Spencer.

Amanda spent her life taking care of her children and when Walt and Spencer finally became degree holders, they chose to leave their home and decided to settle in the city.

Walt and Spencer chose the life of the party in the city over their traditional life in the province with their parents.

Years had passed by and both Walt and Spencer had their own families. Given their situation, they barely come home and visit their parents as they already have their own families to take care of.

Amanda met her grandchildren for only a couple of times. The last time that she was able to see them was when Walt and Spencer came home to sell the cows of their father who had already passed away.

It was really hard for Amanda to accept her husband’s death. Soon enough, Amanda’s body weakens. old age and loneliness could have caused her health to decline.

Despite her condition that continues to worsens each day, Amanda still has to get up everyday to cook and clean the house since no one’s there to take care of her. As the sun sets, Amanda chooses to rest in their living room where she can see the photo of her family.

As she stares at their family photo, tears started dripping from her eyes. Amanda can’t understand how her children grew up to be so selfish that they forgot she still exists?

The good thing is, a nurse named Jenny brushes away Amanda’s loneliness. Jenny who works at a local hospital visits Amanda sometimes to bring groceries and medicines.

Amanda has known Jenny for quite some time already since she’s the former girlfriend of Walt. They did not end up together because Jenny can’t take Walt’s temper.

Depsite that they did not end up together, Jenny still chose to take good care of Amanda.

Soon, Jenny had her own family and gave birth to a charming girl she named, Rebecca.

One day, Jenny finds Amanda lying on the sofa. she panicked and immediately checked on her. She asked if she’s okay and if her head hurts. Amanda only said that her head has been hurting but when she finally sees Jenny, she felt better.

With Amanda’s condition, Jenny decided to cook a meal for her and before leaving, she told the old lady to drink her medicine.

Jenny and Amanda had lived in that situation for a few years. Walt and Spencer still call her sometimes but they never went home even to celebrate special occasions.

Amanda’s health continues to decline. Given her old age, she’s unable to take care of herself and even her home. When Jenny found her in that situation, she can’t help but get mad at her children for not even thinking of visiting Amanda.

Jenny tried to call both Walt and Spencer to inform them about the situation of their home but they refused to come home, saying that they are both busy with work. Jenny and her husband then decided to take care of the damages in Amanda’s home.

Days and weeks went by and Amanda’s health continues to worsen. Jenny decided to ask Walt to let Amanda stay with him for a few days just until she gets better. Jenny was surprised when Walt told her that his house is too small. Walt even suggested Jenny to call Spencer who happens to have a bigger home.

Jenny didn’t bother to call Spencer and decided to let Amanda stay with her family. She stayed with Jenny for a few years and during those years, she was happy. While staying with Jenny, she finally realized how good it feels to be loved and be taken care of.

Before her 80th birthday, Amanda passed away. Jenny gave the bad news to Walt and Spencer. Unfortunately, both Walt and Spencer advised her to take care of the funeral because they’re too busy to visit her.

After the funeral, Jenny fixed Amanda’s stuff and cleaned the house because she knows that soon, Walt and Spencer will come home to inherit their family’s wealth.

One day, someone knocks in Jenny’s home. She thought that Walt and Spencer finally arrived but she was surprised to find a lawyer who’s asking for Rebecca Ross.

Rebecca who’s already 18 years old that time, was told that Amanda left all her properties and belongings to Rebecca. Rebecca was left in tears as she recalls Amanda’s kindness. Never in her life did she imagine that the old lady would include her in her last will and testament.

On that same day, Walt and Spencer arrived. Both are furiously claiming that Jenny tricked Amanda into transferring all their properties to her daughter’s name.

It was then when the lawyer gave Walt and Spencer Amanda’s final letter explaining why she decided to give all of her belongings to Jenny.

Through the letter, Amanda advised Walt and Spencer to take good care of their children so that they would not experience what she had to go through as a parent.

Walt and Spencer cried and immediately left. Both of them probably regret the things they did towards their mother.

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Xian Gaza, balak gawin ang bagay na ito sa matapos makulong si Lolo Narding Flores matapos pagbintangan na nagnakaw ng mangga



Xian Gaza is back at it again!

Xian Gaza who was named “Pambansang Maritest na Lalaki” wants to buy the land where Lolo Narding Flores planted the controversial mango tree that put him to jail.

This was after the 80-year-old was arrested in Pangasinan for allegedly stealing 10 kilos of mango from the said tree.

Lolo Narding Flores was arrested on January 13 through a manhunt operation with arrest warrant. After a week of being detained, the Asignan Police decided to chip in so that they could bail him out.

Christian Xian Gaza is one of the social media personalities who got annoyed by the fact that he was arrested for merely stealing mangoes. Given Lolo Narding Flores’ old age, Xian pitied him for being jailed.

After Lolo Flores got bailed out, Xian Gaza took to social media to express his thoughts about the controversial mango tree. Not so surprisingly, his post immediately went viral online.


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A post shared by Inquirer (@inquirerdotnet)

In the viral post, Xian Gaza expressed interest towards the land. He asked how much per square meter will the land be sold. He also added that he’s willing to buy the land just so this issue with mango tree will end.

“Sino ba may-ari ng lupa na ‘yan? Nasa abroad ba? Sa kanya nakapangalan? Naka-SPA ka ba? Magkano per sqm? 100 pesos? 150? Bilhin kp na lang para wala ng issue sa lintek na puno ng mangga na yan,” Xian Gaza wrote.

Even before he expressed his interest on buying the land, Xian Gaza already promised to pay for the bail of Lolo Narding Folores if ever that no one wishes to help him.

However, it’s no longer necessary because a lot of people extended their help to Lolo Narding Flores.

Meanwhile, the netizens had different reactions towards Xian Gaza’s post. A lot of people thanked him for showing concern for the old man, while others posted hate comments and said that Gaza is only making the old man a part of his social media content.

Aside from Xian Gaza, a lot of people took to social media to help out Lolo Narding Flores. Ryza Cenon is one of the celebrities who offered to pay for his bail. According to the reports, Ryza Cenon even tried calling the police station where Flores was detained but no one was picking up.

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Pinamigay ng milyonaryong ito ang lahat ng kaniyang pera at ari-arian sa mahihirap, Maluluha ka sa sahilan aa likod nito



People believe that money is the root of all evil. Truth is, money only becomes the root of all evil if greed comes with it.

As time flies, people are getting greedier to the point that they would care more about expensive stuff and money instead of life itself. These people are the ones who end up doing bad things in exchange for a huge sum of money.

However, it appears that not everyone cares only about money.

Ali Banat is one of the few people who didn’t really care about money. Banat, who was born and raised in Sydney, Australia was born with a silver spoon and has been known for having a good life with his parents.

Growing up, his parents gave him enough money to start his own business. Soon enough, he became an owner of a successful security and electrical business that gave hi a luxurious life.

Ali Banat owned a lot of expensive things from Rolex watches, to sports cars, branded shoes, resorts, mansions and even branded clothing.

For years, Ali spent his life growing his business, buying properties and partying, proving how much he’s enjoying his life.

However, the millionaire who has a lavish lifestyle got struck by a bad luck after he was diagnosed with an aggressive form of mouth cancer. It was already on the fourth-stage when he was diagnosed with the mouth cancer. The doctor advised him that he only has seven months to live from that day.

Given the fact that he’s extremely rich, Ali can easily pay for a treatment regardless of its cost, just so he’d live longer. However, Ali refused to receive treatments and thought to himself that despite all the treatments, he knew that he would still die at a young age.

He humbly accepted his fate and decided to leave the world after making an impact on the lives of those who are in need.

In the next few months after he was diagnosed, Ali started donating all of his luxurious possessions. He donated these to people in need in different parts of the world.

He said, “when you find out you’re sick or you don’t have much time to live, this is the last thing you want to chase. And that’s how we should live our lives every day”.

Ali believes that on the day of judgement, his wealth wouldn’t matter. What will matter is the good that you did for others and how your actions made a difference in people’s lives.

Ali’s beliefs gave birth to a charity foundation called Muslims of the World that aims to build villages for widows, mosques, schools that will house orphans, medical centers and other businesses that will help the local community. The foundation earned about 1 million dollars.

Despite his condition, Ali still chose to personally visit the African countries to make sure that 100% of the donation will go directly to the projects of their charity foundation.

In 2018, Ali Banat lost his battle to cancer. Despite leaving the world at a young age, the multimillionaire was able to leave a legacy that truly inspired and touched millions of people in the world.

Despite that he already passed away, people from alll over the globe are still coming to donate money to his foundation to make sure that the legacy lives on forever.

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Anak Ni Sofia Andres Na Si Baby Zoe, Marunong Nang Maag-Bisaya!



Sofia Andres confirms that her two-year-old daughter knows how to speak Bisaya or Cebuano.

The celebrity mom took to TikTok to answer a question by a netizen. The question readds, “Marunong rin bang mag Bisaya si Zoe? (Does Zoe know how too speak Bisaya?)”

Sofia Andres and Daniel Miranda quickly answered and confirmed that their unica hija does speak Cebuana and it’s all because they have a house helper or kasambahay who speaks Bisaya.

“Yeah, kabalo siya mag Bisaya ever since, katong mga iyang mga kasambahay sa balay bisaya man gud. So yeah, everyday ra jud mag Bisaya siya, (Yeah, she knows to speak in Bisaya ever since when we had housemaids who were Bisaya. So yeah, everyday she speaks Bisaya.)” Sofia said in the viral video.

Meanwhile, Daniel Miranda who’s with Sofia in the video jokingly said that he can no longer talk behind Sofia’s back using the said dialect because even his wife already understands the language well.

“Unya kani, usahay pud kabaw raman siya unsaon pag Bisaya. Mao nani ang problema lage ani napod, pareho siya sauna, di na nako malibak. Sauna pwde pa nato i-libak karon di na gyud, (And this one, sometimes she also knows how to speak Bisaya. This is the problem now because unlike before, I can’t talk behind her back anymore. Before, I can still do it but not now.)” Daniel said.

It was back in June 2020 when Sofia Andres announced that she has given birth to her first child. She announced about baby Zoe by posting a video on Instagram that shows her pregnancy journey with the words “Life during pregnancy”.

Meanwhile, the rumors about her being pregnant first circulated o social media back in December 2019. Today, Sofia Andres happily lives as a celebrity mom with her partner Daniel Miranda and their cute little girl Zoe.

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