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Ex-housemate, Inamin Sa Publiko Na Lumalaban Siya Sa Malalang Sakit Ngayon



Pinoy Big Brother Finalist and Beauty queen, Samantha Bernardo confirms that she tested positive for COVID-19. A few days after she returned to the outside world, she’s back in a ‘home quarantine’ again after testing positive for the said virus.

Miss Grand International 2020 first runner-up took to Instagram to share the details of her condition.

According to the beauty queen, she tested positive on January 9 and her condition called for home quarantine paired with rest days.

“I would like to inform everyone that I tested positive for my PCR test yesterday. It’s unfortunate because I was supposed to do a lot of work, but this calls for home quarantine and rest days,” she said.

Samantha then reminisced the days when she was still inside the PBB house when they can hug anyone and not wear masks.

“I remember our Bahay Ni Kuya moments where we don’t need to wear masks and we can hug each other.”

She then added that among the symptoms she has are the feeling of being weak and colds. She also clarified that despite testing positive, she still has sense of taste and smell.

“I am feeling weak and have colds as symptoms but I am still able to smell and taste.”

The PBB Finalist then promised to take good care of herself and informed everyone that she’ll still be doing livestreaming to give updates. She also did not forget to remind her followers to always take care and stay healthy.

“I promise that I will take care of myself and hopefully recover faster. I will still do some kumu livestream to update you guys from tues thurs and sat at 6pm ✨ Stay safe and healthy everyone. Health is wealth! Love you all.”

Samantha then ended the caption with a bang as she explained why she chose the photo she posted.

She wrote, “Posting this picture para ka-vogue pa rin kahit quarantine.✌🏾✨”

Aside from Samantha Bernardo, former Pinoy Big Brother finalist and professional volleyball player Alyssa Valdez also tested positive for COVID-19.

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Pinamigay ng milyonaryong ito ang lahat ng kaniyang pera at ari-arian sa mahihirap, Maluluha ka sa sahilan aa likod nito



People believe that money is the root of all evil. Truth is, money only becomes the root of all evil if greed comes with it.

As time flies, people are getting greedier to the point that they would care more about expensive stuff and money instead of life itself. These people are the ones who end up doing bad things in exchange for a huge sum of money.

However, it appears that not everyone cares only about money.

Ali Banat is one of the few people who didn’t really care about money. Banat, who was born and raised in Sydney, Australia was born with a silver spoon and has been known for having a good life with his parents.

Growing up, his parents gave him enough money to start his own business. Soon enough, he became an owner of a successful security and electrical business that gave hi a luxurious life.

Ali Banat owned a lot of expensive things from Rolex watches, to sports cars, branded shoes, resorts, mansions and even branded clothing.

For years, Ali spent his life growing his business, buying properties and partying, proving how much he’s enjoying his life.

However, the millionaire who has a lavish lifestyle got struck by a bad luck after he was diagnosed with an aggressive form of mouth cancer. It was already on the fourth-stage when he was diagnosed with the mouth cancer. The doctor advised him that he only has seven months to live from that day.

Given the fact that he’s extremely rich, Ali can easily pay for a treatment regardless of its cost, just so he’d live longer. However, Ali refused to receive treatments and thought to himself that despite all the treatments, he knew that he would still die at a young age.

He humbly accepted his fate and decided to leave the world after making an impact on the lives of those who are in need.

In the next few months after he was diagnosed, Ali started donating all of his luxurious possessions. He donated these to people in need in different parts of the world.

He said, “when you find out you’re sick or you don’t have much time to live, this is the last thing you want to chase. And that’s how we should live our lives every day”.

Ali believes that on the day of judgement, his wealth wouldn’t matter. What will matter is the good that you did for others and how your actions made a difference in people’s lives.

Ali’s beliefs gave birth to a charity foundation called Muslims of the World that aims to build villages for widows, mosques, schools that will house orphans, medical centers and other businesses that will help the local community. The foundation earned about 1 million dollars.

Despite his condition, Ali still chose to personally visit the African countries to make sure that 100% of the donation will go directly to the projects of their charity foundation.

In 2018, Ali Banat lost his battle to cancer. Despite leaving the world at a young age, the multimillionaire was able to leave a legacy that truly inspired and touched millions of people in the world.

Despite that he already passed away, people from alll over the globe are still coming to donate money to his foundation to make sure that the legacy lives on forever.

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‘Di Mapigilang Lumuha Ng Partially Vaccinated Na Empleyadong Ito Matapos Siyang Di Pasakayin Sa PUV



A daily commuter can’t stop crying after she was advised that she cannot ride the public transport just because she’s yet to have her second vaccine shot.

Partially vaccinated is what they are called. In a report made by the 24 Oras, an employee named Diane was crying her eyes out in the streets while continuously expressing her dismay over the situation.

According to Diane, she woke up early that day to catch up with the public transport because she needed to take her medical exam at work. Unfortunately, she was advised to go home and was not allowed to ride the public vehicles just because she hasn’t gotten her second vaccine shot yet.

“Nakakapagod ‘yung ginagawa nila. Partially vaccinated naman kami. Bakit ‘di kami pinayagan?” Diane said in between her tears.

Diane also reiterated that it’s not their fault that their first dose schedule was on December and the second dose is set on February.

“Nagpa-vaccine naman kami. Hindi naman namin kasalanan na ‘yung second dose namin February pa. December ako nagpa-first dose. [AstraZeneca] po kasi ‘yung vaccine ko.” she

Under the DOTr Order No. 2022-001, partially vaccinated people are not allowed to ride the public transportation. On January 18, DOTr then clarified that for partially vaccinated individuals who need to get to work, they would need to bring the following:

1. Company ID
2. Proof of appointment for medical checkup, job interview or exam, and other services
3. Barangay health pass

DOTr Assistant Secretary Goddes Libiran then stated that Diane was not able to provide any of those proof that proves her travel is essential.

“Ang problema po, wala pong naipakita si Ma’am na kahit anong (The problem is, Ma’am was not able to show any) proof of job appointment, travel, ID, medical examination schedule/appointment, or even barangay health pass, to prove that the travel is essential,” Libiran said.

As expected, the implementation of the No Vaccine, No Ride policy received a backlash from the netizens who claim that it’s unfair especially with the fact that the rules are crystal clear but the implementation is not.

The netizens also noticed how the changes made by the government in terms of handling this pandemic always affect the poorest of the poor.

“It’s always like this. From announcing lockdowns on midnight effective the next morning to this. In the end, the poor are the ones most affected. Is it the people’s fault that their second dose is still in February? Just reminding the government that we had vaccines late,” penned by @nacho_cheeseyy

A netizen also mentioned that this incident just shows how incompetent our government is.

“So heart-breaking to see this. The ineptness and incompetence of this gov’t is too much that a full grown adult would just break down and cry out of frustration. I can feel it and it’s absurd that we have to go through this every day.” @sumshine013 wrote.

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Isang Kilalaning Persinalidad, Dinapuaan Ng Isang Malalang Sakit



On Friday, 7th of January, Kapamilya news anchor Karen Davila admitted that she and her family tested positive for COVID-19.

The news anchor took to Instagram to answer the question as to why he’s not seen on TV Patrol. As it turns out, their whole family tested positive for COVID-19 but she was really grateful that they only had mild symptoms. She also added that it might be because they are all vaccinated.

“Many of you have asked why I wasn’t on TV Patrol for our free TV @a2zchannel11 launch. Five days ago, our family tested POSITIVE for COVID19. Our 14 yr old son Lucas first tested positive on antigen and we immediately took an RT PCR test as a family,” she shared.

“Praise God our symptoms are MILD and I believe that is because we have all been vaccinated & 2 have us have had booster shots. Lucas completed his vaccinations last October. David & I had booster shots last Dec 18. My husband DJ is fully vaccinated & has yet to take his booster shots,” she said.

Two days after Karen Davila’s announcement was made, another news anchor took to Instagram to announce his current condition.

Kapuso news anchor Arnold Clavio admitted that he tested positive for the same virus. He stated on his post that he got in close contact with someone who tested positive. He immediately had an antigen test which came out negative.

Arnold wanted to make sure about the results so he took an RT-PCR test and it was negative. Not until he took another antigen and this time, he tested positive.

His whole post reads: “After almost two years, this is my first time to be infected by Covid19 virus… It’s real and serious… Although may mild symptoms ako, like cough due to hyperacidity, last Thursday may close contact ako sa isang nag-positive…

“Immediately I had my antigen test done and it turned out ‘negative’… Yesterday, after his rtpcr test, the result was ‘negative’… This morning, para makasiguro, I had my antigen test again and bad news – I am ‘positive’… And the only way to fight this virus is a positive thought…

“Sa kabila ng pag-iingat ko, wearing of mask, hand washing, social distancing, vitamins, immune booster, lots of vitamin D, tinamaan pa rin ako and I don’t know how… So be careful everyone… See you in after 7 –
14 days of isolation… God is good! Amen. 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏”

It appears that this has been the current issue of most TV networks as they become understaff due to their people testing positive for the virus. Due to being understaffed, most TV networks had to limit what they have to offer to their viewers.

Going two years in the pandemic, this should already teach us that COVID-19 is real and that we should all be responsible citizens. Always make sure to wear your masks, always sanitize and please, get vaccinated. If you’re already vaccinated, please get your booster shots.

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