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‘Di Mapigilang Lumuha Ng Partially Vaccinated Na Empleyadong Ito Matapos Siyang Di Pasakayin Sa PUV



A daily commuter can’t stop crying after she was advised that she cannot ride the public transport just because she’s yet to have her second vaccine shot.

Partially vaccinated is what they are called. In a report made by the 24 Oras, an employee named Diane was crying her eyes out in the streets while continuously expressing her dismay over the situation.

According to Diane, she woke up early that day to catch up with the public transport because she needed to take her medical exam at work. Unfortunately, she was advised to go home and was not allowed to ride the public vehicles just because she hasn’t gotten her second vaccine shot yet.

“Nakakapagod ‘yung ginagawa nila. Partially vaccinated naman kami. Bakit ‘di kami pinayagan?” Diane said in between her tears.

Diane also reiterated that it’s not their fault that their first dose schedule was on December and the second dose is set on February.

“Nagpa-vaccine naman kami. Hindi naman namin kasalanan na ‘yung second dose namin February pa. December ako nagpa-first dose. [AstraZeneca] po kasi ‘yung vaccine ko.” she

Under the DOTr Order No. 2022-001, partially vaccinated people are not allowed to ride the public transportation. On January 18, DOTr then clarified that for partially vaccinated individuals who need to get to work, they would need to bring the following:

1. Company ID
2. Proof of appointment for medical checkup, job interview or exam, and other services
3. Barangay health pass

DOTr Assistant Secretary Goddes Libiran then stated that Diane was not able to provide any of those proof that proves her travel is essential.

“Ang problema po, wala pong naipakita si Ma’am na kahit anong (The problem is, Ma’am was not able to show any) proof of job appointment, travel, ID, medical examination schedule/appointment, or even barangay health pass, to prove that the travel is essential,” Libiran said.

As expected, the implementation of the No Vaccine, No Ride policy received a backlash from the netizens who claim that it’s unfair especially with the fact that the rules are crystal clear but the implementation is not.

The netizens also noticed how the changes made by the government in terms of handling this pandemic always affect the poorest of the poor.

“It’s always like this. From announcing lockdowns on midnight effective the next morning to this. In the end, the poor are the ones most affected. Is it the people’s fault that their second dose is still in February? Just reminding the government that we had vaccines late,” penned by @nacho_cheeseyy

A netizen also mentioned that this incident just shows how incompetent our government is.

“So heart-breaking to see this. The ineptness and incompetence of this gov’t is too much that a full grown adult would just break down and cry out of frustration. I can feel it and it’s absurd that we have to go through this every day.” @sumshine013 wrote.



Pag-aaway ni Baron Geisler at asawa nito, viral! Baron kailangan ulit ipa-rehab ayon sa kanyang misis?




Kasama sa mga naging topic sa “Showbiz Update” vlog ni Ogie Diaz kasama ang kanyang mga kaibigan na sina Mama Loi, Tita Jegs, at Brena ang viral na video ng pag-aaway ng aktor na si Baron Geisler at asawa nitong si Jamie.

Ang nasabing video ay in-upload mismo ni Baron sa kanyang Instagram account ngunit agad ding binura. Dahil dito ay usap-usapan na aksidente lamang itong nai-post at hindi sinadya.

Ayon kay Ogie, makikita sa video ang pagtatalo ng mag-asawa kung saan nakahiga si Baron sa isang kama habang nagsesermon si Jamie.

Kwento niya, “Nasa kama si Baron tapos parang tumatalak ang misis niya at ang sabi, ‘Ano? Gusto mo magpasaklolo? Tawagan mo ‘yung sugar mommy mo. Ano? Gusto mo magpaano sa gwardya?’”

Sa galit ng asawa ni Baron ay binato siya nito ng isang container na mayroon pang laman na sabaw. Kumalat ito sa kanyang binti at sa kama kung saan siya nakahiga.

“Oh my God! What is this? Sinong kailangang i-rehab?” gulat na reaksyon ni Baron sa ginawa ng asawa.

Ayon pa sa kay Ogie Diaz, maaaring ang ibig sabihin dito ng aktor ay hindi siya ang dapat na ibalik sa rehab kundi ang kanyang misis dahil sa ginawa nitong pagbato sa kanya.

Natanong naman ng mga kasama ni Ogie sa nasabing vlog kung ano ang maaring rason sa pagtatalo ng dalawa gayong nagbagong buhay na ang aktor at nagbalik-loob na sa Panginoon.

Sagot ni Ogie, maaring hindi pa tuluyang natatalikuran ni Baron ang pag-iinom ng alak dahil mayroon siyang nabalitaan na hanggang ngayon ay nag-iinom pa rin ang aktor paminsan. Nauunawaan niya naman daw dahil hindi madaling umiwas sa nakasanayan na.

Aniya, “Ako ha, feeling ko lang. Kilala ko si Baron. E hindi, hindi pa rin makakatiis si Baron, iinom at iinom pa rin yan. Akala ko nga completely healed at completely reformed na si Baron.”

Sa huli ay sinabi ni Ogie na wala rin siyang ideya kung ano ang maaring pinagtalunan ng mag-asawa. Hayaan na lamang daw na ang dalawa ang magpaliwanag nito.

“Panget naman, para tayong mga Marites dito na naghihinu-hinuha kung ano ang naging cause ng kanilang away pero hayaan mo na sila ang magpaliwanag niyan,” dugtong pa ni Ogie.

Pinayuhan na lamang niya ang mga ito na ayusin ang mga problema nang pribado at huwag nang i-post sa social media upang hindi na pagpiyestahan ng publiko.

Anong reaksyon mo sa balitang ito? Share your thoughts!

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Mom And Stepfather Were Arrested For Doing This Cruel Thing To Their Autistic Son For Seven Months!



24-year-old Matthew Langley was skin and bones and only a few days away from death when he was rescued in their home in Sheffield.

According to the reports, his mom and step-father were imprisoned for locking him in the attic for seven months. What made it even worse is that they starved hom.

43-year-old Lorna Hewitt and her husband Craig who’s 42 years of age, were arrested after they were found guilty of falsely imprisoning Matthew in the attic.

When Matthew was rescued, he was extremely dehydrated and only weight six stones. The room where he was locked in was covered both in vomit and feces.

Judge Michael Slater described the mother’s actions towards the autistic son as ‘a grave abuse of trust between a mother and her son’ during the sentencing that was held at the Sheffield Crown Court.

The judge also added, “You were the primary carer for Matthew with all his difficulties and challenges.

“It makes it all the more inexplicable to me that for those seven months you failed to provide him with the support and provision of food and drink that he craved and needed.”

The couple who were arrested denied that they have locked Matthew in their home for seven months. However, after the trial, they were both found guilty.

In addition to that, the couple were also guuilty of causing a vulnerable adult to suffer serious phsyical harm.

The moment he was rescued, Matthew was rushed to the hospital ICU in what they had described as a pitiable state. Furthermore, abrasions on his body indicated that he had been moving around on all corners of the attic.

Due to being locked and imprisoned in thhe attic for seven months, Matthew had suffered a damage to a kidney due too the high sodium levels related to severe dehydration.

Nicholas Campbell said, “His sodium levels were dangerously high. They measured 180.

“hey were so high they could shut down his brain and kill him. Anything above 145, there is a real chance of death.

“The Home Office pathologist examined the injuries and said the abrasions and bruises were consistent in his view with Matthew having been crawling on all fours over objects in his path.”

Aside from feces and vomit, the police also found noted that there were flies and foul smell in the room whre Matthew was found.

Before Matthew was locked in the attic, he weighed 8.5 stones. However, after the tragic imprisonment, his weight dropped into six stones.

The good news is Mr. Campbel said that Matthew has made a good physical recovery all thanks to the medical staffs who had taken care of him and when he was discharged from the hospital he already weighed 8.6 stones.

Meanwhile, Miss Tana Adkin saidd that Mr. Craig Hewitt showed a significant change when he was sentenced in the court.

She said, “He is devastated about what happened to Mathew. He is not a deliberately cruel man in the sense that the courts see and have seen in the past.

“He is not someone that would punish Matthew for his autism.”

However, the judge refuse to believe the characterisations.

“You were complicit equally with wife Lorna Hewitt in care effectively being switched off to any degree for Matthew as he was locked in his room and starved of food.”

“That did not occur by negligence, it did not occur by recklessness. It was a plan between the pair of you.

“I’m quite satisfied that nothing in that household occurred without either you knowing about it or approving of it.”

Judge then address Lorna Hewitt and said, “It is argued on your behalf that you were particularly vulnerable and suggestible at the time.”

“I had the benefit of observing you give evidence in the trial over the course of several days.

“It did not seem to me that you were not capable of standing up for yourself or that you were particularly suggestible. You were both an articulate, temperate and thoughtful witness.”

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Kinamuhian Ng Netizens Ang Anak Na Ito Matapos Punahin Ang Luto Ng Kaniyang Ina!



Being a mom is known as the most difficult job in the world. People often look down on moms without even considering how hard it is to be one.

Before you look down on every mom out there, make sure to consider that these moms are doing their best to take care of the kids, raise them, feed them and at the same time maintain the household. Without these hardworking moms, every home out there would be such a mess.

However, it appears that despite all the hardwork that there are still some children who continue to disrespect their parents.

In fact, just recently, a netizen has become a trending topic online after he shared how his sibling has treated his mom just because he didn’t like the food his mom cooked.

According to the YouTube vlogger and social media influencer known as AmbonTV, he saw his mom looking sad while eating. When asked about it, his mom said that his sibling refused to eat the food she cooked because it didn’t taste good.

“Nakkita ko Mama ko kumakaen mag isa tapos tinanong kobakit parang malungkot sya. Ayaw daw kumaen ng kapatid ko kasi yung nilutong ulam e nasobrahan sa lapot nawalan ng sabaw.”

“Sumablay daw.”

AmbonTV then continued and said that what he did was, he ate with his mom despite that he has already eaten.

“Ang ginawa ko, kumuha ako ng kanin kahit busog pa ako. kinaen ko yung nilutong ulam ng mama ko para ipakita na naappreciate ko yung luto niya.”

He then continued and said that what his mom cooked taste really good and when he told his mom about it, he finally saw a smile on her face.

“Sabi ko nga masarap naman luto niya e. Tapos yun ngumiti na. Pero masarap talaga sya nawalan lang ng sabaw. Wag kana malungkot Ma. I love you.”

AmnbonTV then ended his post with a message for everyone to continue loving and appreciating all the things that our parents are doing for us before it’s too late.

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