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5 Taong Gulang Na Bata Ang Ikinasal Sa Sarili Nitong Ama! Nakakadurog Ng Puso Ang Dahilan Sa Likod Nito



A 5-year-old girl from Oregon has brought everyone into tears because of her tough battle with terminal cancer.

Lila May Schow was only 2 years of age when she was diagnosed with the 4th stage of neuroblastoma cancer. With this type of cancer, malignant cells are forming in certain types of her nerve tissue.

It was truly a tough battle for Lila May as she had over nine surgeries and grueling treatments during her 3-year-long battle with cancer.

“She’s been fighting ever since,” Lila’s father said. “It’s been 3 years, well over nine surgeries…numerous chemo-therapies.” he added.

Due to their little girl’s condition, Lila’s parents decided to through her the best birthday celebration since they know that it would be her last birthday celebration.

Lila’s mother then took to social media to seek help from their friends and families to threw a celebration for Lila May’s last birthday. They were left dumbfounded when they realized how massive the celebration is. Help came pouring from different people whether they knew personally or even those whom they’ve never seen before.

“We had an incredible outpouring in the community and pretty much in all over the state,” said Schow

The princess-themed party was then thrown with over 600 attendees. Lila May arrived at the venue channeling her inner Cinderella.

The Schow family didn’t spend a fortune for everything was donated from the venue, to the personalized Cinderella outfit and even down to the horse that was donated just so Lila May could feel like a real princess even for a day.

Everyone thought that it would be just a birthday celebration, but Lila’s parents knew that they will no longer get to experience a lot of occasions with their daughter and so they turned the party into a lot of celebrations.

“We’re not going to get the prom dance or daddy-daughter dance,” said Schow.

Aside from birthday celebration, the party also turned into a mini graduation and a prom night where Lila experienced the daddy-daughter dance.

“You hear so much about terrible things happening,” said Schow. “This is one of those instances that people all come together for the right the reasons.”

The highlight of the party was when Lila’s father knelt down and proposed to her to which she gladly said yes. Despite her short life, Lila was able to experience a lot of things even a mini wedding.

when asked about her favorite part of the party, everyone was in tears. “She said she really liked all the princesses and she said ‘When my daddy cried b/c he was so happy,” said Schow. “We did a father/daughter dance and I couldn’t contain myself.”

A few weeks after the party, Lila’s body became weak and soon enough she lost her battle with cancer.

The whole Oregon grieved with the Schow family and people even raised awareness about the terminal cancer.

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Nagpanggap Na Pulubing Paralisado Ang Pulis Na Ito Upang Mahuli Sa Akto Ang Mga Kriminal, per di niya inasahan ang sumunod na pangyayari



People were inspired by the great lengths that this policeman went through just to catch the criminals in the act of robbing homeless people.

Vancouver Police Staff Sergeant Mark Horsley decided to disguise himself as a paralyzed homeless man with severe brain injury. Why you asked? For him to lure the criminals who have been robbing the homeless and disabled people.

According to the reports, Sergeant Horsley sat in a wheelchair for five days in the city’s Notorious Downtown Eastside. He mentioned that during those five days, no one took advantage of him and as a result, he even gained $24.

The senior police officer did such experiment following the incident of two disabled people being robbed at the Knifepoint. He thought that by pretending to be disabled, he can trap the criminals and give justice to what happened to the disabled people.

In the footage uploaded on July 2015, Sergeant Horsley was spotted sitting on his wheelchair with his opened waist pouch with money. By this set up, he’s putting himself at risk of becoming a subject of crime.

However, instead of capturing criminals, he captured how kind people really are.

In the video, a tourist from Quebec reached out to him and asked for permission to pray for his healing. Another man was spotted zipping up his waist pouch for him.

Aside from those two, there was another man who gave him 75 cents without telling him the reason behind it.

Sergeant Horsley said: “In all my interactions with people I told them I couldn’t count and when we were exchanging food or different things they would take change from my hand.

“Not once did anybody short change me. Not one person took advantage of my vulnerability.

“The generosity, the caring, was inspiring.

“Victimizing the vulnerable is far beneath the people of the Downtown Eastside.”

He added: “The community accepted me very quickly as being one of theirs.”

It seems that instead of getting frustrated because of the thought that he will be robbed, he was instead inspired because of how people took care of him and showed concern towards his situation.

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Pinamigay ng milyonaryong ito ang lahat ng kaniyang pera at ari-arian sa mahihirap, Maluluha ka sa sahilan aa likod nito



People believe that money is the root of all evil. Truth is, money only becomes the root of all evil if greed comes with it.

As time flies, people are getting greedier to the point that they would care more about expensive stuff and money instead of life itself. These people are the ones who end up doing bad things in exchange for a huge sum of money.

However, it appears that not everyone cares only about money.

Ali Banat is one of the few people who didn’t really care about money. Banat, who was born and raised in Sydney, Australia was born with a silver spoon and has been known for having a good life with his parents.

Growing up, his parents gave him enough money to start his own business. Soon enough, he became an owner of a successful security and electrical business that gave hi a luxurious life.

Ali Banat owned a lot of expensive things from Rolex watches, to sports cars, branded shoes, resorts, mansions and even branded clothing.

For years, Ali spent his life growing his business, buying properties and partying, proving how much he’s enjoying his life.

However, the millionaire who has a lavish lifestyle got struck by a bad luck after he was diagnosed with an aggressive form of mouth cancer. It was already on the fourth-stage when he was diagnosed with the mouth cancer. The doctor advised him that he only has seven months to live from that day.

Given the fact that he’s extremely rich, Ali can easily pay for a treatment regardless of its cost, just so he’d live longer. However, Ali refused to receive treatments and thought to himself that despite all the treatments, he knew that he would still die at a young age.

He humbly accepted his fate and decided to leave the world after making an impact on the lives of those who are in need.

In the next few months after he was diagnosed, Ali started donating all of his luxurious possessions. He donated these to people in need in different parts of the world.

He said, “when you find out you’re sick or you don’t have much time to live, this is the last thing you want to chase. And that’s how we should live our lives every day”.

Ali believes that on the day of judgement, his wealth wouldn’t matter. What will matter is the good that you did for others and how your actions made a difference in people’s lives.

Ali’s beliefs gave birth to a charity foundation called Muslims of the World that aims to build villages for widows, mosques, schools that will house orphans, medical centers and other businesses that will help the local community. The foundation earned about 1 million dollars.

Despite his condition, Ali still chose to personally visit the African countries to make sure that 100% of the donation will go directly to the projects of their charity foundation.

In 2018, Ali Banat lost his battle to cancer. Despite leaving the world at a young age, the multimillionaire was able to leave a legacy that truly inspired and touched millions of people in the world.

Despite that he already passed away, people from alll over the globe are still coming to donate money to his foundation to make sure that the legacy lives on forever.

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Heart Evangelista, Sinupalpal Ang Mga Nagtatanong Kung Bakit Hindi Pa Siya Magka-anak!



Let us face the fact that everyone has their own preferences, beliefs, and choices in life. While others believe that a baby will complete a family, there are also some prefer not to conceive and still be called a family.

Heart Evangelista is one example of the latter. The 36-year-old actress who tied the knot with the Sorsogon Governor Chiz Escudero back in 2015, recently gave a frank response to a netizen who gave an unsolicited opinion about her marriage.

The netizen wrote, “Bakti di kayo magkaanak?”

Heart Evangelista didn’t hesitate to slam the netizen and asked if there isn’t anyone who taught her about good manners. Heart is also curious as to why it saddens the netizen that she’s hasn’t conceived a child yet, if Heart, herself, isn’t even sad about it.

“Ayoko eh. Didn’t anyone teach you manners? I mean, you know what? I mean, if I am not sad about it, why are you even?”

Heart Evangelista gave this response through a TikTok video. On that same video, Heart penned the words, “Kulit ha. Chill. Not your uterus.”

It appears that Heart has had enough of these unsolicited and truly inappropriate opinions of the netizens. Heart told her followers that being a mom should not be the only source of a happiness of a woman. She then continued and ask what they’re going to do when their kids finally have their own lives.

@lme85 Reply to @judy_arbondad ♬ original sound – Heart Evangelista

“Being a mom shouldn’t be the only source of happiness. My goodness. What are you going to do when your kids have their own lives?” Heart asked.

Heart Evangelista and her husband Chiz Escudero has been active on social media. Aside from her TikTok and Instagram, Heart also has a YouTube channel where she gives her followers a glimpse of her life with her husband.

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