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Hardwork Pays Off! EA Guzman’s Mom Was In Tears After EA Surprised Her With A Brand New House!



Christmas is indeed the season of giving. During the holiday season, people are doing all sorts of shopping just to find the perfect gift for their loved ones. There are also some people who spend their hard earned money for something a little more special and creating.

Filipino singer, actor, and host Edgar allan Guzman is one of those who literally spent his hard earned money for an extravagant Christmas gift. The singer-actor known as EA became one of the most trending personality online after he made the most heartwarming and tear-jerking thing for his mother.

In the viral video, EA had his mom blindfolded while slowly leading her in front of a luxurious home. After removing the blindfold, his mother was standing still, wondering what’s happening. Afterwards, she burst into tears after the actor greeted her a Merry Christmas and said “Bahay mo” while pointing at the fancy home.

The mother of EA was in shock and still in disbelief with her son’s Christmas surprise. She then gave her son the warmest and tightest hug as a gesture of gratitude.

The footage then continued with EA giving his mother a tour of her new home. Happiness is written all over their faces as they check out their newest home.

The footage was posted by EA on Instagramm with the words: “About last night. Priceless moment of my life. This is for you! Merry Christmas, Ma! Enjoy your new house, AKO NAMAN MA.”


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As of this writing, the video has already garnered more than 55 thousand views on Instagram. A lot EA’s co-actors and actresses have also expressed their happiness for his success.

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Liza Soberano, may inamin tungkol sa tunay na kalagayan ng kanyang mental health



Liza Soberano and Yassi Pressman are two of the most sought after celebrities in the entertainment industry.

Mental health is one of the most complex topics that everyone should be open to talk about. However, instead of being open minded about such topic, people tend to refuse to listen just because they believe that it’s all just in the mind and such disorders don’t really exist.

Apparently, it does exist and people should start taking care of thier mental health.

Slowly, people are starting to open up about their experiences and sufferings involving their mental health. However, the stigma still exists and so they always end up getting called “crazy”.

Liza Soberano is one of the celebrities who has been speaking and advocating about mental health awareness. The other half of LizQuen is known for being the celebrity who helps those who suffer from mental health disorders by sharing her experiences.

Just recently, Liza Soberano started her own podcast called “An Open Mind,” where she discusses different issues about mental health. Among the topics discussed were about stress, anxiety, and depression.

On Instagram, Liza expressed how excited she is for this podcast and even stated that this is her stepping out of her comfort zone.

Her post reads, “I’m so excited for the big, big plans I have in store for the year. Jump starting mine by exploring way beyond my comfort zone. Tonight at 6 pm I will debut in my first ever podcast called An Open Mind with me, Liza Soberano as your host.”

Liza also mentioned that it was Yassi Pressman who had introduced her to the people behind the Mind You Health System.

“I immediately knew I wanted to be involved. The past two years has really shined some light on the importance of prioritizing our mental wellness. It’s time to have honest, unfiltered conversations — without the stigma,” Liza said.

On the podcast’s first episode, Liza was with Yassi Pressman and they talked about the “imposter syndrome”. Aside from the Imposter Syndrome, they also talked about the challenges they had encountered in their lives as young celebrities.

The podcast started with the hosts talking about their Myers-Briggs Type Indicator personality type test.

“When I was taking the test I felt kind of weird about answering each question. I felt like I was being untrue with myself, for some reason.

“I feel like I’m so used to other people telling me who I am and how I should act that, it kind of conditioned me to think that way,” Liza narrated.

Meanwhile, Yassi Pressman shared the pain she experienced when her father passed away last year.

“It’s funny because I also invested in Mind You around March. Probably because it was one of the hardest times of my life and I didn’t know who to talk to,” sabi ni Yassi. Ang tinutukoy niyang Mind You ay ang mental health platform na sinimulan nila ni Liza at ni Nadine Lustre nitong nagdaang taon.

“I read more about how to handle panic and anxiety attacks. Like how to breathe and how to tap parts of your body. It would get really bad sometimes to the point of where it’s normal for your muscles to be tense,” Yassi shared.

On top of that, Yassi also shared her worst anxiety attack where she felt like she was going to have a stroke because of the paralysis she felt.

“I felt like I was gonna have a stroke. I couldn’t move my fingers, then it was my arms because I was so tired from shouting and letting everything out crying.

“My lungs were tired, my legs couldn’t move and my stomach was so tight. I was scared, I was really scared but now that I know that that happens I can handle my breathing better and I can not panic anymore and be like ‘it’s normal, and it will pass,’” Yassi added.

Meanwhile, Liza Soberano admitted that she also experienced having anxiety attacks and when that happens, her body shakes endlessly.

“I’m a people pleaser to a fault. I feel like if I say no to somebody, they’re gonna hate me and that I’m worthless. It’s a battle that constantly goes on in my mind.” Liza mentioned

Aside from anxiety attacks, Yassi Pressman also shared that she had imposter syndrome and it all started when she played the role of Alyana in Ang Probinsyano.

“Nagulat lang ako. Why me, of all people to be given this huge opportunity? To the point na hindi ako makapaniwala. Kaya ko ba? Will I disappoint people? Will I be enough? Malulunod ka rin sa laki ng project, eh,” Yassi explained.

Aside from Yassi Pressman, other celebrities like Enrique Gil, Cristine Reyes, and Gab Valenciano also joined the podcast. “An Open Mind” podcast is aired on Spotify, Apple podcasts, and other digital platforms.

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Francine Diaz Nagsalita Na ‘Di Umano Sa Hidwaan Nila Ni Andrea Brillantes!



A reliable source has just revealed that Francine Diaz allegedly spoke up and gave her reaction regarding the controversies linked between her, Andrea Brillantes, and Seth Fedelin.

According to the source, Francine doesn’t have a problem with Andrea and Seth. She also allegedly told Andrea that she can have Seth for herself for she also has a loveteam to take care of.

Despite all the controversies, the Echarri family still shows full support towards Francine. It was also added that Kyle doesn’t want to let the girls down. He still supports both of them since both Andrea and Francine are important to him.

Kyle also wished for Andrea Brillantes and Francine to reconcile since they are part of the Gold Squad and they should be supporting each other and not fighting over a guy.

The controversy started when photos of Francine Diaz and Seth Fedelin went viral online. The photos shot in the Diaz Residence showed Seth hanging out with Francine’s family.

After the photos went viral online, Andrea Brillantes and Francine Diaz allegedly unfollowed each other on Instagram. The issue was later on clarified and said that Francine did not unfollow Andrea, instead, the she was blocked by Andrea.

The controversy grew even bigger following Andrea Brillantes’ Instagram story that shows a heartbreaking song of Zack Tabuldo called Pano.

As of this writing, Andrea Brillantes and Seth Fedelin have kept their silence about the issue.

Andrea Brillantes, Seth Fedelin, Kyle Echarri, and Francine Diaz, first worked together in the hit TV series “Kadenang Ginto”. They worked with veteran stars Beauty Gonzalez and Dimples Romana. The success of Kadenang Ginto gave birth to their barkadahan which they called “The Gold Squad”. On top of that, the success of the series also opened doors of opportunities for all four of them.

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Robin Padilla May Patutsada Sa Mga Bashers Ni Kris Aquino!



Kris Aquino recently admits that her health continues to worsen. She’s been using her social media account to give an update to her followers.

However, there are people who just don’t have anything good to say and still chose to say it anyways.

It seems that Robin Padilla was bothered by the negative comments that the multi-media actress Kris Aquino has been receiving ever since she revealed her real condition.

Robin pleaded everyone to be give Kris Aquino the peace of mind that she deserves. he also asked the bashers to be kind as the actress is already having a tough experience.

Robin Padill wrote, “Bismillah

“Mga mahal kong kababayan

“Ako po ay nag aalala kay ms Kris Aquino bilang isang kaibigan, katrabaho at isang Pilipino.

“Nais ko po makiusap sa mga patuloy na bumabanat kay ms Aquino na magpaka makatao muna po kayo

“Hindi naman po tayo bulag para makita na May dinaramdam po siya at sa kasalukuyan ay dumaraan sa gamotan.

“Bigyan po natin ng kapayapaan at tamang pansin lalo ng moral support ang Taong May karamdaman.

“Ano man po ang ating religion o ang ating political affiliations ay ipagpanalangin po natin ang kanyang kalusugan.

“In shaa Allah.”

Meanwhile, in an interview with Philippine Ambassador to the US Babe Romualdez, it was revealed that Kris is currently seeking help with her papers and documents that will allow her to travel abroad and get treatment.

Aside from Instagram, Kris Aquino is also a trending topic on TikTok. The netizens are reposting Kris’ old posts and even the old birthday messages of her children.

It seems that Kris has remained unbothered by all the negative comments. In fact, she even recently posted a TikTok video that shows her unboxing a Chanel bag. She even demonstrated how to use it.

Kris said on the video, “That is the gift to myself because I’m alive. Because wala namang may magbibigay sa akin, e, di ako na lang.

“May hugot yun. Yes meron po.”

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