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Isang Sikat Na Magcouple, Kumpirmadong Hiwalay Na Talaga Sila Na Talagang Ikinagulat Ng Publiko!



After weeks of speculation, Kiko Estrada already confirmed break up with actress Devon Seron.

Kiko and Devon shared 2 years of romance, until the actress started dropping out cryptic messages on her Instagram hinting about her split up with the Kapamilya star.

She also hinted about a third party, but Kiko and the speculated girl, Heaven Peralejo, already denied the issue.

In an interview with Kiko and her mom, Cheska in Magandang Umaga, the hosts asked the actor’s mom about his love life.

But then, Kiko himself answered the question, “I think it’s a proper way for a man to say my status in life.”

“Well I’m single, so yeah,” he revealed.

For Kiko it is just appropriate that the word comes from him, as a sign of decency.

He continued, “I’m focused on work. Kasi ang pangit if my mom’s gonna say this for me. So I will take this mom. My mom told me that for people to respect me, you have to do the right thing.”

Cheska was also asked to describe the kind of woman she likes for her son.

“I think the most important for me is that person should have God in her life. ‘Yung kanyang relationship with God is very important with me, because if you have that relationship, you are set for life, you are set for eternity. That’s the only thing I would want sana but like I told you awhile ago, whoever he loves kasi you have to love also,” the veteran actress said.

Devon has now erased the mysterious posts on her Instagram and has not yet given any statement regarding the matter.

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Kilalanin Ang Babaeng Ito Na Kinupkop At Pinalaki Ng Mga Aso Mula Noong Bata Pa Siya



Who does not love Tarzan? The story of a fictional character who grew up with apes in the deepest part of the jungle. His life may be way too different from the others, Tarzan have always taught children how to care for the animals and always be contented with whatever they have.

But would you believe me if I tell you that in real life, someone life Tarzan really exists?

But on this case, apes are certainly out of the picture.

Instead, what raised this person is a pack of dogs living few steps away from her very own house.

Oxana Malaya, of Novaya Blagoveshchensk, Ukraine. Oxana was born on November 4, 1983 to alcoholic parents, according to History Daily. Doctors believe that she was normal at birth, but then later developed strange animalistic personality due to her upbringing.

She has a very neglectful and irresponsible parents. She was once left outside of the house where she was 3 years old and that is where her story began.

Seeking for something warmth, she decided to crawl on the dog kennel on the back of their house hoping for a shelter.

Her parents were claimed not to notice her absence for days and once they did, for sure they did not bother looking for her at all.

Over the five years that she was staying in the cage together with the dogs, she learned how to adapt their habits and started believing that she was part of their pack as well.

She got almost zero human interaction not until she was rescued from her situation after a concerned neighbor told the cops.

The dogs even tried protecting her but were lured with raw meat and eventually, Oxana was out of the kennel.

“She was taken to an orphanage school and was taught how to walk upright again. Somewhat surprisingly, she relearned how to talk, probably because she had some rudimentary speech before she went to live with the dogs. She was taught how to use her hands to eat, and the other basics of living as a girl and not a dog.” The vintage news wrote.

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Julia Barrretto, May Inamin Tungkol Kay Gerald Anderson Na Talaga Namang Ikinagulat Ng Lahat!




Julia Barretto and boyfriend Gerald Anderson once again collaborated on a Youtbe vlog uploaded on the actress’ channel.

Playing “Never Have I Ever”, the couple share some revelation about the spicy things they did in the past.

Julia then admitted on sending someone a “sexy selfie.”

“I have… Secretly,” she said.

Meanwhile Gerald said that he has not done yet it because of a certain reason. “”Kasi puwede naman nila kuhanin sa Instagram ko.”

But Gerald admitted on kissing a stranger, a thing that Julia has not experienced yet.

“‘Pag sila ‘yong nag-kiss sa’kin, counted ba iyon?”

In the end of the video, Gerald took the chance to promote his new prime time series, Init Sa Magdamag.

“Kasing-init siya ng tequilla kapag pumapasok ‘yong tequilla sa katawan niyo. Ganoon siya kainit. So sana panoorin niyo ang ‘Init sa Magdamag,’


It is not the first time that Julia and Gerald were seen together on their Youtube vlogs.

The first time was when the actress tried Filipino food, playing Q&A with Gerald.

Julia revealed that just like Gerald, she also wants to build a family on her own, hopefully in 5 years.

The Kapamilya actress also revealed that she is willing to leave showbiz anytime for the sake of her family.

“I always dream of living a simple, quiet life family”

Added her, “Because I feel like at an early age, I was already exposed to this life. Because I grew up, and my aunts would take me to their work, my dad, and my mom.

“So it was kind of the only life I knew so I felt like that’s where I was gonna end up now.

“But in the future a simple quiet life is what I dream.”

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Isang batang babaeng na nang bubully ng mga classmate niya, nagsisi matapos itong gawin sa kanya




A 10 year old bully learns her lesson on a hard way after her dad founds out about her crime.

Matt Cox’s daughter, Kirsten, got her suspension letter after she bullied her classmates on the school bus.

And it was not the first time that the girl encountered such punishment, as she constantly bullies her schoolmates.

Unable to curb her aggression, the school banned for for the school for few days.

And it rose alarm to Matt, who can not accept that his child was the problem and wanted to make things right his way.

According to Matt, bullying itself is unacceptable, and he refuse Kirsten to cause such trauma to her peers.

It was when Matt came up with punishment for his daughter, for her to think about her wrong doings.

“This is my small way of trying to stop it in my household,” he said.

After he came up with his plan, Matt was ready to execute it.

Monday morning arrived and, keeping to their normal routine, Kirsten got ready for school, ate her breakfast, and put on her backpack. They walked out to the car, and that’s when Matt made the first step.

Instead of talking with her like what a normal parent would do, he made Kirsten go to school solely on her two feet.

“For the next three days, Kirsten walked 5 miles to school. Matt wanted his daughter to think about the consequences of her actions. Every step would be a reminder of how her words had made other people feel, and Matt hoped, she’d gain an appreciation for riding the bus.” the Boredom Therapy wrote.

This gained mixed reaction from social media, but Matt has to do what he got to do, to make sure his kid will grow up as a better person.

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