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Isang Hotel Staff, May Ibinunyag Na Kababalaghan Tungkol Sa Nangyayari Sa Isang Hotel Na Talagang Ikinagulat Ng Lahat!



Have you ever wondered what happens inside every hotel rooms?

Some say it may be nasty, while others will firstly assume that you would just see drunk people sprawled on the bed.

According to Boredom Therapy, here are some things a hotel staff revealed about what an individual would see during house keeping and for sure, its not something everyone would normally expect.

Terrible Mess

“Sometimes, cleaning is even psychologically scarring. One housekeeper’s lowest moment came when they “once went to clean a room, only to find pages torn out of a porn mag and taped all over the walls, bloody sheets, and dirty messages written on the bathroom mirror in lipstick.” If the next guest in the room had known, they’d also be horrified.”


“You’d think hotels would want nothing to do with crime, but they often don’t care. A former employee revealed, “The manager knew exactly what kind of stuff happened…he’d say things like, ‘Oh, that’s room 324. They steal IDs and Social Security numbers,’ and ‘That’s room 409, they sell Xboxes out of their room,’ and he’d say it like it was nothing.”

Undercover Trade

“Some owners don’t even realize their establishment has turned into a crime hotbed. “We recently learned that our employees have been running a drug ring right under our noses…the guy on shift sells rooms at $30 an hour for people to do drugs in, and then pockets the profits. The housekeeper cleans up the rooms after they leave, except she’s been slacking and that’s how we caught on.”

Forgotten Item

“Another germy item in the room is the TV remote, which could be as frequently-used and unsanitary as the key. “You might wanna sanitize those next time you go to change a channel,” says another hotel employee. The warning might just spare you more than the cooties, as remotes are evidently never cleaned.”

Don’t Forget The Nightstand

“Drawers and nightstands aren’t cleaned, either, which means that missing items often wound up being found by the next guests. One find had the receptionist reeling: “An old man came up…and said, ‘this was left from a previous guest, right next to the Holy Bible,’ and placed a loaded gun on the front desk.” Not a good start to a family vacation.”

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Isang batang babaeng na nang bubully ng mga classmate niya, nagsisi matapos itong gawin sa kanya




A 10 year old bully learns her lesson on a hard way after her dad founds out about her crime.

Matt Cox’s daughter, Kirsten, got her suspension letter after she bullied her classmates on the school bus.

And it was not the first time that the girl encountered such punishment, as she constantly bullies her schoolmates.

Unable to curb her aggression, the school banned for for the school for few days.

And it rose alarm to Matt, who can not accept that his child was the problem and wanted to make things right his way.

According to Matt, bullying itself is unacceptable, and he refuse Kirsten to cause such trauma to her peers.

It was when Matt came up with punishment for his daughter, for her to think about her wrong doings.

“This is my small way of trying to stop it in my household,” he said.

After he came up with his plan, Matt was ready to execute it.

Monday morning arrived and, keeping to their normal routine, Kirsten got ready for school, ate her breakfast, and put on her backpack. They walked out to the car, and that’s when Matt made the first step.

Instead of talking with her like what a normal parent would do, he made Kirsten go to school solely on her two feet.

“For the next three days, Kirsten walked 5 miles to school. Matt wanted his daughter to think about the consequences of her actions. Every step would be a reminder of how her words had made other people feel, and Matt hoped, she’d gain an appreciation for riding the bus.” the Boredom Therapy wrote.

This gained mixed reaction from social media, but Matt has to do what he got to do, to make sure his kid will grow up as a better person.

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Kilalanin ang isang waitress na ito na napangasawa ang isang prinsipe dahil lamang sa isang baso ng juice!




The chances of a middle class worker meeting a prince and ends up marrying him may be low, but never zero.

Meet Sofia Hellqvist, a former waitress, who is now a happy wife to Sweden’s Prince Carl Philip and a mother to their five children.

Now known as HRH Princess Sofia, Duchess of Värmland, Hellqvist has such an adventurous background before meeting Prince Carl.

Swedish version of a reality show called “Paradise Hotel,” which stuffs a group of singles in a luxury hotel resort and films what happens.

She also posed for a men’s magazine Slitz, topless with a boa constructor draped around her neck, and was later on was voted as “Miss Slitz” in 2004.


The couple were very limited about their love story, but the only clear thing is they met at presidential suite of the Hotel Minsk, where the 19 year old Hellqvist was working as a waitress.

“The story is true,” Pavel Novakovsky, the hotel’s marketing manager said. “The Sheikh was initially booked in for one week. He arrived from Italy by car. He’s been staying in the presidential suite.

“I’m still not sure how the sheikh and Natasha managed to meet,” he said. “The sheikh spends most of the time in his room. He prays five times a day. He has four cooks who prepare his food. They make it in the restaurant but then bring it upstairs. The only person who would normally enter his room is the maid.”

They were married in 2015, in the Royal Chapel that’s attached to the palace, which is located in Stockholm.

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Isang Lalaki, Araw-Araw Umoorder Ng Pizza Sa Loob Ng Sampong Taon Na May Tinatago Palang Sikreto!




For over a decade, Kirk Alexander sat down at his computer and ordered a pizza from his favorite pizza store, Domino’s.

The costumer became a huge part of the culture of the restaurant too the point where every crew know him, and daily anticipate for his order.

For 10 years, Kirk has shown love and loyalty for the store. He would order every day, or every other day, to get anything on the menu.

So when the man’s ritual suddenly stop, it was something that the crews could shake off easily.


It was already 11 days and Kirk has not order anything from them, and it raised alarm on the whole management.

As Kirk was not only a costumer but also a friend to each of them, they wanted to make sure what was wrong.

He lives in a small town of Salem, Oregon, and was single for quite some time now.

So one of the crew decided to check in and stop by his house, and he found nothing unordinary from the looks of it.

But the lights and tv were on, but apparently, when he knocked the door, no one was answering.

Tracey Hamblen, the delivery driver, knocked hard several times on the door. And after several unanswered phone calls, he decided to contact the police.

On the phone, Tracey explained the situation. “I need some help on what to do,” she said. “It could be an emergency. This is Domino’s Pizza and we have a customer that usually orders like every night from us. And he hasn’t ordered in 11 days.”

After the medics came, they immediately pushed through the door and found Kirk sprawled on the floor!

He was given immediate medical assistance, and the EMTs discovered that the poor guy suffered from stroke.

“Even though the Domino’s employees, in their eyes, were simply doing their job, the incident was quickly picked up by The Washington Post, which wanted to celebrate their diligence. Kirk Alexander may not have survived if not for them.” The Boredom Therapy.

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