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Heaven Peralejo, Inaming May Malalang Sakit Na Talagang Ikinagulat Ng Publiko!



Bagong Umaga lead star Heaven Peralejo reveals she recently tested positive from COVID-19.

On her Instagram post, she shared a glimpse of her journey battling the disease and said that she is now recovering.

“Yup, I tested positive for COVID-19. Vlog will be up tonight at 8pm on my Youtube channel wherein I will be sharing my journey.

“From how it all started, the symptoms and anxiety I experienced, how I was treated, and how I coped with the whole situation.

“Hope that this brings awareness to everyone. Stay safe & stay healthy, guys!” she wrote in the caption.

On her Youtube vlog, Heaven revealed that she got virus during the lock-in taping of her series.

“One of the toughest challenges I have dealt with during this pandemic is personally getting tested positive for Corona Virus.

“I’d like to share with you all my experience hoping that it will help everyone who is going through the same situation to cope up and recover from this difficulty.

“And to everyone else, this video is to provide awareness that Covid is real and it should be taken seriously.

“I am now a Covid19 Survivor. Sending my love & prayers to everybody going through these difficult times.” she narrated.


On her vlog, she also talked about the hate she has been receiving from her bashers.

According to the actress, as much as she does not let those words affect her, she can not help but to feel hurt from the amount of loathe some people are capable of throwing at her.

“I’m just saying na words, even if it’s not true, it still affects, naapektuhan pa rin ako, to be honest.

“And ngayon ko lang i-open up itong issue na ‘to.” she said.

Continued the 21 year old star, “But you know, deep inside, I’m hurting.

“And there’s nothing wrong being hurt, there’s nothing wrong with feeling sad, yun lang siguro, yung will to live.

“I think dapat hindi tayo mawalan ng will to live.”

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Ellen Adarna, kaagad na nag-viral matapos itong gawin kay Derek Ramsay habang sila ay nakavideo




Derek Ramsay was slapped by fiance Ellen Adarna after doing this on a viral video.

While documenting on a hidden camera, Derek hid under the sheets as he tries to surprise Ellen, who is still outside of their room.

The moment the actress enters, the Kapuso hunk immediately rose from the sheet, which brought shock to Ellen.

The John En Ellen star can not help but to slap Derek on the arm, while both of them are laughing from the said prank.

He then shared the video on his Instagram account.

“Sorry na @maria.elena.adarna,” the actor wrote in the caption.

“Effort na effort this is the level of effort when u made me ligaw,” Ellen then commented.


In an interview with, the actress talked about how Derek made his life more beautiful.

“I didn’t have that desperate vibe of trying to look for love, of looking for a guy to complete me. I was already complete.

“And then when Derek came, he just made it better, more beautiful.”

Added her, “So, timing si Derek talaga. That’s how our relationship works. We communicate well,”

To which the Kapuso hunk absolutely approves of, “Ellen is not saying and I’m not saying I’m better than JL or better than her exes. It’s not that.

“Or Ellen is better than any of my exes.


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Derek Ramsay (@ramsayderek07)

“We met at the right time. We were meant to be and that’s how it works,”

Admitted Ellen, if the two of them met a bit earlier, she is sure that things are not going to work.

“If I met him five years ago, I told him, ‘No, I’d be the same crazy girl with issues, who’d hold it in and not express it properly.’”

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Tali Sotto, ipinakita ang kanyang tallento sa pagguhit na talagang kinagiliwan ng maraming netizen




Talitha Sotto once again showcases her intelligence on social media as her mom, Pauleen Luna-Sotto shares her drawing of their family.

In Instagram, Pauleen documented her daughter’s candid moment.

She drew herself, her mom and her dad, Vic Sotto.

“Daddy and Mommy. This is Daddy and this is Mommy. We are a family, Mommy and Daddy!” Tali said in the video.


Despite of being subjected recently with cyber-bullying, the actress will still continue to post photos and videos about her daughter.

But at the same time, she will never tolerate people who say mean things to her child.

“Ang hirap pag nanay tapos anak… It’s one thing to say your opinion which is totally fine; but it’s another thing to bash an innocent child,”

Added the actress, “There are people who support me na, ‘Sige lang, ipaglaban mo ‘yan dahil anak mo ‘yan.’

“Pero there also some people na naririnig ko na sinasabi, ‘Huwag mong i-expose yung anak mo kung ayaw mong makarinig ka ng hindi masyadong magagandang bagay.'”

Continued the Eat Bulaga star, “But for me, sharing Tali with people gives me and gives them so much joy.

“And I think mas nangingibabaw ‘yon than the bad and the not-so-good comments.

“Because at the end of the day, why do I share my daughter? It’s because I’m proud of her.

“Not for anything else, pero proud na proud lang ako sa anak ko. She’s my daughter, she’ll always be perfect to me, she’ll always be beautiful to me.

“Pero minsan, may hangganan.”

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Isang Lalaki, kinalibutan matapos itong mapansin sa kanilang poso na gumagalaw kahit walang tao




Imbis na katatakutan ay naghatid pa ng katatawanan sa mga netizen ang video na ibinahagi ng isang Facebook user na si Jonathan Abad Grospe.

Ayon sa kaniya ay sa kalagitnaan umano ng hating gabi ay namataan niya ang poso sa kanilang bahay na gumagalaw mag isa!

Habang takot na takot naman siya ay pinag tuunan ng pansin ng mga netizens ang “masipag” na multo na nag iigib ng tubig kahit hindi utusan!

“Ganyan din nangyari s poso ng biyanan ko nuon,..may pressure s ilalim ng lupa…after 2days huminto n rin!”

“Ang bait naman nung multo. Pinag iigib ka. Dito samin walang ibang ginawa yung multo kundi mangalampag ng bubong, pingan at pinto hays sana all..”

“Sa sobrang init pati multo gusto na din maligo. Buti nga yan may pakinabang may taga bomba ka na maliligo ka nalang”

“Buti pa yung multo may kusa, kahit di inuutasan, pag gabi mai nag wawalis, hating gabi mai naghuhugas, ayan nag bobomba, minsan nga nagsa soundtrip pa. Ehh itong mga kasama ko sa bahay. .ai ambot nlang😂😂”

“Alagaan nyong mabuti yang multo masipag pala eh pkisabi n rin sa alaga mong multo mang holdap sya ng bangko total imbisibol naman sya baka dyan kana yayanman boy😁😁😁”


Ayon sa, mayroong dalawang maaring dahilan kung bakit ito nangyayari.

“In order to draw water up from your well, an above-ground well pump must first be primed. Priming involves filling the drop pipe with water. This water, in turn, allows the pump’s suction to be communicated to the water inside of your well. Otherwise, the pump simply won’t be able to generate the necessary amount of pressure to raise water.”

“All well water pressure tanks contain a crucial component known as the pressure switch. The pressure switch indirectly monitors the water level in your tank by registering the tank’s pressure. A pressure tank can maintain adequate pressure, even as the water level drops. Eventually, however, the water level will dip low enough that it will begin to affect the tank’s pressure.”

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