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Pamilya NI Julia Barretto, Viral Muli Matapos Sabihin Ang Bagay NA Ito Tungkol Kay Gerald Anderson!



Despite of the unwelcoming reaction of netizens about Julia Barretto and Gerald Anderson’s relationship, the couple stay happy and unbothered.

As a matter of fact, the whole family of the actress embraces Gerald as on of them too.

On an Instagram post shared by Julia’s elder sister, Dani, Gerald can be seen hanging out with the Barretto family on a beach getaway.

Together with Julia’s other siblings, they are also joined by her mom, Marjorie and Dani’s husband, Xavi Panlilio.

“Mi Familia [white heart emoji] (insert Millie & Erich here)

“Missing the beach and this perfect week.”

Millie is Dani and Xavu’s one year old kid, while Erich is Marjorie’s youngest child with former Caloocan Mayor Recom Echiverri.


Both Julia and Gerald are vocal about their desire about having a family anytime soon.

Gerald, who is now 31, says that its time for him to finally settle and have a kid.

Meanwhile Julia, who is only 24, went trending on social media when she revealed that she wants to be a mom at an early age.

“If I’m being completely honest kasi, I’ve always dreamt of having a family early on in life.

“Like, that was always my thing growing up. I always wanted to have a family at a young age.

“Because I want to have a lot of time, and I wanted to grow together with my family that I have made.” she said on an interview.

“I dream to become a housewife, but a housewife that’s like a boss-housewife.

“Like, you got your own work going on, but your number one priority is [kids and family].” the actress continued.

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Ellen Adarna, May Ibinulgar Sa Pagiging Tatay Ni John Lloyd Cruz Sa Anak Nilang Si Elias Modesto!




Ellen Adarna revealed that despite of her failed romance with ex boyfriend John Lloyd Cruz, the actor is a “present” father to their 2 year old son, Elias Modesto.

Just recently, Ellen interacted with her fans by answering several questions about her life, and one of them is about her co-parenting situation with the Kapamilya actor.

Asked the netizen, “Does Baby Elias still get to spend time with his dad?”

Ellen then answered, “Yes, he does. Hatid-sundo na siya si ang papa di ni, ‘Day [Hatid-sundo siya ng papa niya, ‘Day].

“Si John Lloyd, present father. He wants to be present.

“He needs his father, as much as he needs me.”

It has been revealed before that Elias has a schedule with Ellen and John Lloyd, but the toddler is staying with her mom.

Meanwhile, Ellen’s fiance, Derek Ramsay, maintains a good connection with Elias.

The kid calls him “Tito Derek,” and is usually seen playing with him on Ellen’s Instagram updates.


In an interview with Preview PH, Ellen stated why she decided to keep a civil relationship with John Lloyd after their split up for the sake of their off spring.

“You know, we weren’t compatible, obviously, that’s why we broke up. Of course, any normal breakup hurts. You want things to work,”

“My son needs him as much as he needs me. I see their relationship and I see how happy my son is when he is around. So that’s why I also have to work on myself,” she stated.

Told Ellen, it was when she joined the KoKoro Program in Bali, Indonesia that she started achieving healing and realizations about her past relationship with the actor.

“Now I’m in a very good place. I can say I’m 100% okay. I feel my environment changed. Like his approach to me, my relationship [with him has] changed without asking him to change. So I was just really the problem. [laughs]. How I viewed it, my thinking pattern was the problem,” she said.

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Heaven Peralejo, Inaming May Malalang Sakit Na Talagang Ikinagulat Ng Publiko!




Bagong Umaga lead star Heaven Peralejo reveals she recently tested positive from COVID-19.

On her Instagram post, she shared a glimpse of her journey battling the disease and said that she is now recovering.

“Yup, I tested positive for COVID-19. Vlog will be up tonight at 8pm on my Youtube channel wherein I will be sharing my journey.

“From how it all started, the symptoms and anxiety I experienced, how I was treated, and how I coped with the whole situation.

“Hope that this brings awareness to everyone. Stay safe & stay healthy, guys!” she wrote in the caption.

On her Youtube vlog, Heaven revealed that she got virus during the lock-in taping of her series.

“One of the toughest challenges I have dealt with during this pandemic is personally getting tested positive for Corona Virus.

“I’d like to share with you all my experience hoping that it will help everyone who is going through the same situation to cope up and recover from this difficulty.

“And to everyone else, this video is to provide awareness that Covid is real and it should be taken seriously.

“I am now a Covid19 Survivor. Sending my love & prayers to everybody going through these difficult times.” she narrated.


On her vlog, she also talked about the hate she has been receiving from her bashers.

According to the actress, as much as she does not let those words affect her, she can not help but to feel hurt from the amount of loathe some people are capable of throwing at her.

“I’m just saying na words, even if it’s not true, it still affects, naapektuhan pa rin ako, to be honest.

“And ngayon ko lang i-open up itong issue na ‘to.” she said.

Continued the 21 year old star, “But you know, deep inside, I’m hurting.

“And there’s nothing wrong being hurt, there’s nothing wrong with feeling sad, yun lang siguro, yung will to live.

“I think dapat hindi tayo mawalan ng will to live.”

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Julia Barretto, Usap-usapan Ngayon Sa Social Media Matapos Gawin Ang Bagay Na Ito Tungkol Sa Post Ni Gerald Anderson!




Remember when Julia Barretto liked this viral video of Gerald Anderson with a woman, dubbing a clip from Arci Munoz’ interview with Voce Ganda in Gandang Gabi Vice.

With his “reputation” of being quite a play boy, Gerald instead went along after Arci went trending for saying that she will not be “victimized” by the actor.

On the video, you can hear the woman dubbing the actress’ answers from Vice’s question, “Hindi kayo magiging ex?

“Hindi ako mabibiktima.” said the Kapamilya actress.

In the end, the camera panned at Gerald’s behavior as if his face was serious.

According to Gerald, it was an entry for his Tiktok account.

“Sorry sorry try ko ulit.” he wrote in the caption.

Aside from being good friends, Arci and Gerald became co-stars in Can We Still Be Friends and Always Be My Maybe.

For the netizens, it was their hint that Julia was actually not in a relationship with the 32 year old actor, despite of being involved on a third party issue with Bea Alonzo.

But over a year after, Gerald himself confirmed his romance with the 24 year old star, although he no did not detail how long the two have been dating.


In an interview with, Gerald admitted that confirming his romance with the girlfriend brought him such peace of mind.

“Siguro sa career, wala naman, but personally… wala, it’s just something na parang naramdaman ko na kailangan ko lang gawin for… siguro, yung peace of mind.

“Parang nabunutan ako ng tinik,

“After that, wala… tuloy ang buhay. Merong mas malalaking problema na hinaharap nating lahat kesa sa interview ko kay Tito Boy.

“But personally, it’s something I had to do. Wala. Move on na,”

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