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Mga eksperto, nakatuklas ng isang kakaibang kweba na naglalaman ng mga misteryosong bagay!



Group of divers in Mexico have unveiled an answer to a decade old question after investing on the cave the pique their interest because of its weirdness in all every aspect. Scientis Bandi Macdonald and his whole team have been exploring intricate caverns for a while now.

When they decided to take a look on what lies beyond the cave near Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula, Macdonald’s team was beyond lost.

According to The Boredom Therapy, “Humans must have once frequented the area. This confused the researchers because the caves seemed inaccessible without scuba equipment. “Over the years, we have seen these anomalous weird things within caves that we couldn’t quite explain,” Samuel Meacham, study co-author said.”

“[We saw] rocks out of place, rocks stacked on top of each other, things that just didn’t seem natural. But we didn’t have a really good explanation,” Samuel said.

After several investigations and a lot of research, the team finally came up to an idea.

“When the divers were exploring the Quintana Roo caves, they collected samples and took thousands of images for researchers, helping them piece together a lengthy mystery. From about 21,500 until about 13,000 to 8,000 years ago, parts of these cave systems were completely dry.” TBT explained.

“Getting to the caves would have been difficult, even if they were outside of the waterline. To reach them, indigenous peoples would have had to navigate the complete darkness of the passages.” it added.

What could be the reason of the ancient people risking their life just to go inside such dark and claustrophobic area?

Apparently, the answer was a little unexpected.

“Thanks to the partnership, MacDonald’s team determined that the ancient Americans used the sites as mines. By firelight, they ventured into the spaces to gather a valuable mineral: red ochre.” TBT continued.

“Red ochre is a rich red stone that was used by Indigenous peoples as an antiseptic, sunscreen, material for tanning hides, pigment for body and cave painting, and for other ritualistic and symbolic purposes. ”

After years of mystery and endless hypotheses, the mystery behind the cave of Yacatan Peninsula is finally solved!

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Kylie Padilla At Aljur Abrenica, Hiwalay Na Nga Ba? Kylie, Kumpirmadong Hindi Na Nakatira Sa Bahay Nila Ng Aktor!




Days after Kylie Padilla’s sudden outbursts of cryptic posts on Instagram, people are still wondering if the actress’ relationship with husband Aljur Abrenica are starting to hit the rocks.

According to GMA News, Kylie is not living with the actor as of the moment, and is staying with her father Robin Padilla with her two kids, Alas Joaquin and Axl Romeo.

It was also confirmed that she visited her sister, Queenie in Pampanga.

Added the reports, the actress is still active on her showbiz commitments and endorsements, but will surely ask for a break after to focus on her self for the mean time.

After giving birth to her second son, Axl, post partum depression has been a lot more challenging for the Encantadia star, and being a hands on mom was said to become too much for the actress for handle.

She will also not be accepting any lock in guesting and taping for the mean time.


After Kylie started posting mysterious messages on Instagram talking about self love, freedom and being alone, fans express heir worry over the actress’ well being.

She also posted a photo of her hand without her engagement ring.

On a recent Youtube vlog the couple uploaded, Kylie and Aljur talked about the significance of privacy on their relationship.

“Based on my experience sa earlier part ng relationship natin, ang dami talagang toxic na nangyari na hindi naman kailangan.

“Hindi kailangan ng dirty laundry mo iere mo. That’s not how I want my life to be like.” the actress said.

“There were things na nailabas sa media na ayaw ko sanang mailabas, malaman [ng publiko]. Di naman kailangan. That is private, pero lumabas pa rin.

“Kasi pag nasa loob ka ng sitwasyon, hindi mo nakikita na hindi pala maganda sa lahat ng naapektuhan.” she added.

Photo by Jay Ganzon/Rappler

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Misis na pumasok sa ipinagbabawal na silid ng mister, hindi makapaniwala sa kaniyang natuklasan!




Labing tatlong taong kasal na si Manuel at Maryjoy.

At sa tagl ng kanilang pagsasama ay talaga namang alam na nila ang lihim ng isa’t isa.

College pa lang kasi ay magkakilala na ang dalawa, ngunit naging magkarelasyon lamang nang nakapag tapos sila ng pag aaral.

Maaga rin silang nagpakasal pagkatapos nilang makapag ipon. Kung kaya naman maituturing na napaka ideal ng kanilang relasyon.

Ngunit habang tumatagal ay napapansin ni Maryjoy na unti-unting nagiging kakaiba ang kinikilos ni Manuel.

Bukod kasi sa madalas na aligaga ito ay biglang ipinag bawal ng lalaki na pasukin ng kaniyang misis ang isang kwarto sa kanilang bahay.

Buong pagtataka man ay sinunod pa rin ni Maryjoy ang kagustuhan ng asawa, ngunit hindi pa rin maalis sa kaniya ang mag taka sa tunay na dahil nito.

At kahit binabalak niyang silipin ito ng lingid sa kaalaman ni Manuel ay sa hindi malamang kadahilanan ay madalas siyang nahuhuli nito, na nauuwi lamang sa away.

Kung kaya naman napag desisyuna ni Maryjoy na planuhing maigi ang kaniyang pag silip sa kwarto.

Isang araw, kung kailan inakala ni Manuel na pumasok sila sa trabaho ang kaniyang misis ay biglang umuwi si Maryjoy sa kanilang bahay upang sa wakas ay makita na niya ang nilalaman ng silid na ito.

Kinakabahan si Maryjoy na binuksan ang pinto at unti-unting tiningnan ang itsura ng kwarto at lubos na lamang ang kaniyang gulat sa kaniyang nakita.

Ang silid kasi ay punong-puno ng larawan nilang mag asawa, at napaka ganda pa ng disenyo nito.

May nakasabit ding “Happy Anniversary” sa dingding, na dahilan upang isara niya agad ang pinto.

Agad niyang pinagsisihan ang ginawa dahil pakiramdam niya ay nasayang lamang ang effort ng kaniyang asawa.

Kung sana ay nagtiwala lamang siya sa asawa ay magiging natural sana ang surpresa ni Manue sa kaniya.

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Maja Salvador, Sa Wakas Ay Inamin Na Ang Tunay Na Dahilan Ng Unang Break Up Nila Ng Boyfriend Niyang Si Rambo Nunez!




Maja Salvador admits that the reason of her failed romance with boyfriend Rambo Nunez almost 10 years ago was her choosing career over her love life.

In her YouTube vlog “USAPANG PUSO with @Love Marie Escudero” posted last February 20, Maja bond with Heart Evangelista and talked about love, work, and heart breaks.

The 32-year-old Kapamilya actress also admitted she is the selosa type. “Cute yung pagiging selosa ko. Clingy kasi ako. Pero nag-mature naman ako kahit papaano. Ngayon si Rambo (Nuñez) mature naman na din, nagbibigay assurance. Kung may assurance naman, hindi papasok yung pagiging selosa ko,” she said.

She also talked about her first break up with Rambo.

“Totoo yung sinasabi nila na parang akala mo okay yung love ka tapos hindi naman yung ta-traydor, yung iiwan sa ere. Yung parang career first, ganun. Pero siguro bumalik lang din sa akin kasi di ba ganun nagawa ko kay Rambo. 21 years old ako nun pero siyempre iba tayo mag-love ng todo. Pero nangibabaw kasi yung career ko din that time. Di ba siyempre ang hirap kung sino ang love team mo, yun lang dapat. Siyempre hindi ko pa ma-push yang si Rambo dati,” she explained.

After the reconciliation, Maja is now confident that parting way for years was the key for them to grow individually.

“Kami ni Bo pag laging magkasama, mag-pa-pa-miss muna ako ng slight. kailangan niyo rin na may gawin kayo para sa sarili niyo. Pinaka-problem nga namin ni Rambo ay yung kailangan ko unahin yung career ko. In fairness naman kay kuya, hindi siya naging babaero. Walang third party. Kaya malaking chance yung nagbalikan kami kasi okay talaga yung relationship nung time na yun. Ako ang may problem nun kasi pinili ko. Kaya I’m very grateful kasi yung family ni Rambo and even Rambo, parang si Rambo pa yung nagbigay ng chance. Grabe ako mahalin nung family niya,” she added.

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