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Mga eksperto, lubos ang pagkagulat sa kanilang nadiskubreng kakaibang kweba na naglalaman ng maraming sikreto!



Having Google Maps in our palms at all times can make us feel like there’s nothing under the sun that hasn’t been discovered. But for two explorers in Montreal, Canada, there wasn’t anything further from the truth. Daniel Caron and Luc Le Blanc grew up near a mysterious cave in the Saint-Leonard borough of Montreal. Having detected a void beneath Caverne de Saint-Léonard in 2014 using dowsing equipment, the pair suspected that a chasm lay hidden underneath the famous cave.

By 2016, even with new restrictions and security mechanisms, Daniel was still determined to know more about the caves that had fascinated him as a kid. He knew there was forgotten history somewhere inside, and he was determined to find it. So, he asked for the help of Luc Le Blanc, a friend and fellow explorer.

“We decided to launch a campaign to dig there”, Luc tells Lonely Planet. “However, the limestone was very strong and hard to break. It was quite complicated, as we couldn’t swing a hammer there, so we kind of lost hope.

Many consider dowsing to be a pseudoscience. The practice involves using metal rods to locate groundwater or buried metals that aren’t visible to the eye, and it’s mostly used to locate old water pipes in Europe. This led them to a small gap in the rock wall.

In 2017, Daniel and Luc removed a section of the rock to explore the gap. They returned to the cave and decided to try breaking through closer to the ceiling – there’s a layer of crushed limestone there that’s pretty soft. They were quickly able to get through that layer, and in one single day had opened a ‘window’ that let them see what was beyond. They brought in a ladder, and in another half day emerged into a large chamber, about six metres by three metres. They squeezed through the opening to find a ginormous open chamber. “It was vast,” said Daniel, “We started yelling, ‘Yes! We did It! We did it!’”

Climbing in, the men realized the space was 20 feet tall by 10 feet wide, far larger than the cave’s main chamber. After exploring a bit more, they concluded that it might stretch as much as 700 feet. “It just keeps going. We haven’t reached the end yet,” said Luc. They couldn’t believe what they were seeing.

This is a major discovery we made, this doesn’t happen many times in a lifetime,” said Le Blanc.

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Derek Ramsay, Sinabihan Si Ellen Adarna Na Hindi Daw Siya Magchecheat Kay Ellen Adarna Na Naging Usap-usapan Ngayon Sa Social Media!




Ellen Adarna strictly says no second chances if ever fiance Derek Ramsay cheats on her.

Her statement was made during her interaction with her fans, when Ellen would answer several questions and even give advice to her followers.

Bu then, Derek, who was just lying beside the actress butts in, “No, I will not cheat on you.”

“Okay,” Ellen simply answered.

Derek then asks back to the netizen, Why talk about negativity?”

To which Ellen replied, “Love, it’s just a question.”

Then, Ellen explained that she knows her worth and will not let anyone step on her.

“Gwapa ko, ‘Day. Kung magnibuang siya, goodbye [Ganda ko, ‘Day. Kung mababaliw siya, goodbye].”


Despite of mixed reaction about their fast paced relationship, Derek and Ellen said that the reason why there were sure of everything was because both came at the right timing.

“First is the connection, [it] is the communication.

“He met me at the right time.

“He met me because during the pandemic, I fixed myself, I worked on myself. I did a lot of inner work,” Ellen said in an interview.

Added her, “So, at that time, I knew what I wanted na. I knew what was good for me. I knew what was bad for me.

“And then when I made better choices and for myself, that’s when things started to come in and everything made sense.”

“I didn’t have that desperate vibe of trying to look for love, of looking for a guy to complete me. I was already complete.

“And then when Derek came, he just made it better, more beautiful.

“So, timing si Derek talaga. That’s how our relationship works. We communicate well,”

Derek also shares his sentiments and said that by saying this does not mean he is not any better than any of Ellen’s exes, especially John Lloyd Cruz who is the father to his fiance’s 2 year old son.

“Ellen is not saying and I’m not saying I’m better than JL or better than her exes. It’s not that.

“Or Ellen is better than any of my exes.

“We met at the right time. We were meant to be and that’s how it works,”

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celebrity homes

Kris Aquino, Babawasan Na Daw Di Umano Ang Pagpost Sa Social Media! Bakit Kaya?




A calm and collected Kris Aquino took to social media just recently to announce her limiting of posts to protect her sons, Josh and BImby.

In a 21-minute video she posted across her accounts, the Queen of All Media admitted that she recognizes that she is “partly to blame” why both her sons have been subject to criticisms on social media.

“I’m partly to blame kung nadamay man mga anak ko. I’m taking full responsibility. I can never shield them fully because from the time they were born, I was already Kris but I can choose what I can show you,” she said.

Kris then furthered about how unlike “regular people”, she can not have the privilege of posting a lot of personal things on social media as a celebrity.

“They post birthdays. They post trips. They post ‘pag nag-graduate ang mga anak. They post milestone moments. So that’s the decision I made – ‘yun ang ipapakita ko sa inyo. The regular things that regular people show people dahil lahat ng magulang ‘yun ang ginagawa.”

“You will still see them dun sa mga events na mga regular na tao. ‘Yun ang mga nilalabas nila e so nire-review ko. They will have enough privacy. But you cannot see them as often as you used to,” she said.

By doing this, Kris pointed out that she is fulfilling her promise to her mother, former president Cory Aquino to make Josh’s life comfortable.

“He will need life-long care. He needs to be assured because I promised that to my mom na gagawin ko lahat to make sure he will be comfortable for as long as he will live and that will take a lot of money. And pag-iipunan ko ‘yan,” she said.

For Bimby, Kris said that she will be supportive of him no matter what his choice in life will be.

“I told him that it’s your choice what you wanna do with your life. I will support you and I will love you. Hindi natin kasalanan ‘yung magiging opinion nila about you. What’s important is you know who you are and you’re not gonna be like them. I’m proud of that. I brought up a son who’s brave,” she enthused.

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Pasig City Mayor Vico Sotto, Usap-usapan Sa Social Media Matapos Ibunyag Ang Bagay Na Ito Sa Kanyang Ama!




As an offspring of a veteran actress and award winning actor and comedian, Pasig City mayor Vico Sotto is no doubt charming and humorous, giving his staff and constituents a breathe of fresh air amid pandemic.

On this compilation made by GMA news, take a look at mayor Vico’s funny and quirky moments here:


“Mayor Vico posted this face swap photo of him and his father Bossing Vic Sotto as a Father’s Day greeting in 2015.”


“He posed like this beside a cross-stitch of his mother Coney Reyes, who’s channeling her villain character in one of her past TV series. Part of his caption read: “Grabe muntikan na kong magka-heart attack kanina pagkaupo sa sofa nagulat ako sa mukha ni Mama! Bagong sabit kasi sa dingding. Pero ang galing nung nag-cross stitch nito ha! #mygulay #mygulat #heartattack #wagganun”


“Mayor Vico’s mom shared a video of him being sanitized as a precautionary measure against the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19). And after being sprayed, he turned around, aimed a sanitizer at the person who sprayed him and said, “Ikaw naman.”


“In 2018, Mayor Vico posted this awkward photo if him and his father Bossing Vic Sotto and captioned it: “Happy Father’s Day! I chose this picture because I want this to be a very serious greeting. #nofilter (captured by Paul Ryan Tan, 2013)”


“Here’s Mayor Vico doing the ‘Blue Steel’ pose made popular by actor Ben Stiller in the movie ‘Zoolander 2.'”


“No doubt about it, Mayor Vico truly got his good sense of humor from his father Vic Sotto. Here’s a photo of them posing with Vico’s supporters, when he was still campaigning as Pasig City mayor.”


Mayor Vico Sotto recently appealed to Pasig residents to stop sending him inappropriate photos, especially those who received their COVID-19 vaccine jab in the butt.

Although it was a serious appeal, Mayor Vico Sotto somehow made it sound funny. He said, “”Ang dami ko na pong iniisip. Huwag n’yo na pong idagdag ‘yung puwet ninyo sa iniisip ko.”

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