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Dayuhan na Diumano’y Nambastos sa Mga Pulis, Sasampahan ng Kaso



Amid the enhanced community quarantine in the Philippines, tension is also rising between the impatient public and the law enforcement authorities. Military personnel and police are strictly regulating the quarantine protocols, in order to contain the spread of COVID-19. Yet sometimes, their task is not easy to execute, especially without the public’s cooperation.

On April 27, Makati police stated that they will be filing charges against a foreign resident who allegedly disrespected law enforcement authorities. According to a report from ABS-CBN News, the foreigner disobeyed the guidelines of enhanced community quarantine.

Javier Salvador Parra is a resident in an exclusive subdivision in Makati. Earlier this week, the village officials called police to complain about the ECQ violators within their community. While the police were roaming, they spotted one of Parra’s maid, who was allegedly not wearing a face mask.

In the ensuing confrontation, Parra, who was allegedly intoxicated, came out of the house to talk with the officers. Soon enough, things quickly escalated which eventually led to a physical brawl. According to Parra, he sustained injuries due to the confrontation.

In his written statement, Parra claimed that the officers “grabbed my hands, and brutally threw me to the ground and caused me physical injury and abrasions… He continued to scuffle and keep me on the ground to put handcuffs on me.”

Meanwhile, netizens are divided in this issue. Some people are calling to reprimand the foreigner for allegedly disrespecting the law enforcement officers. On the other hand, some people pointed out that the officers were in the wrong, and the foreigner was unjustly harassed right inside his own property.

Check out the video below:

Do you think the foreigner should be reprimanded for reportedly disrespecting the authorities? We’d love to hear from you, so don’t hesitate to share your thoughts with us in the comments section below. For more updates on the latest happenings, feel free to follow us on Facebook.

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Isang sikat na aktres, mayroon na daw anak na itinago lang sa publiko




Kapamilya actress Yen Santos is linked to her director in the movie Northern Lights: A Journey To Love Dondon Santos.

This is said to be the reason why Yen was chosen to play the leading lady of Piolo Pascual in the film.

But the actress strongly denied it, especially since Direk Dondon is already married.

According to Yen, she heard something about the director linking them but she allegedly ignored it.

“E, kasi, nakakahiya naman po. Si Ate Bebeth [Dondon’s wife], nasa Showtime.

“Wala talaga, diretso,”

But why does the issue between her and Direk Dondon not seem to be dying?

Answered her, “Talaga ba?

“Ngayon lang nga po dumating ‘yan sa akin. Kayo lang po ang nag-open up.

“Ako, naririnig ko na, pero siyempre dedma ako.

“Parang siyempre, para sa akin, trabaho lang talaga.”

In a separate interview, Direk Dondon was asked if he has a crush on Yen because she was chosen to be Piolo’s leading lady.

The director replied that he was married and he just treats Yen like his own child.

“Yun na nga po, yun na nga rin po ang sinasabi ko ngayon kaya rin po.” Yen agreed.

She also talked about Dondon’s wife, “Nag-meet kami isang beses sa Showtime. Sabi ko, ‘Hi Ate Bebeth.’”

It’s Showtime’s head writer is Direk Dondon’s wife.

Aren’t they affected that there are such issues spreading to them?

“Hindi po, tinatawanan lang namin.

“Actually, isang beses kinsausap ko siya, sabi ko, ‘Ano ba ‘yan, ‘Direk, nara-writeup tayo. Nakakahiya.’

“Tapos, natatawa lang po kami. Hindi naman po big deal sa aming dalawa.”

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Anne Curtis, hindi mapigilang hindi maging emosyonal matapos ibunyag ang bagay na ito ukol sa anak na si Dahlia




Anne Curtis became tearful in her most recent post, revealing that she has already begun weaning Baby Dahlia.

The famous mother expressed her gratitude for the time she spent with Dahlia, hair pulling and all.

She disclosed that she has been breastfeeding her child for 17 months and described the experience as something that happens in unexpected locations.

“17 months of breastfeeding in some pretty random places 🤱🏻 It wasn’t easy. I had my own struggles (let’s just say there was curling of toes & frozen cabbage involved -thanks mum) but it’s been an unforgettable first time journey so far. One I’ll always cherish. All the little moments shared between her and I (hair pulling and biting included)..

“BUT I also just want to share that there’s one thing I wasn’t aware of, that I kinda wish I knew – when I started dropping feeds (when food became her main source of nutrients) my hormones started changing and I was just very quiet and felt somewhat melancholic.. I didn’t really notice till erwan called me out.” she wrote.

Anne is one of several famous mothers who choose to breastfeed their children. Anne’s close friend and sister in law, Solenn Heussaff has also been a proponent of breastfeeding.

Added the Its Showtime host, “Did myself some reading and learned that it’s because of a drop of prolactin and oxytocin levels when you start to lessen feeds. 😭 But since I am weaning slowly, and breastfeeding only 2-3 times a day na lang , it’s become somewhat a gentle wean that’s helped me not have such an abrupt shift in hormones..

“but there’s definitely something that changes… So there, just thought I’d share that this happens.. just in case you’re like me, and didn’t know and can prepare yourself for when that time comes.. I am definitely treasuring every moment of my bf journey while it lasts…

“And to all the mummas whom have had their own personal struggles with breastfeeding. You do you. You and your doctors will know what works for your little one and will keep them happy, busog and content.


What can you say about this story? Share us your thoughts in the comment section and let us have some discussions!

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Kilalanin ang dating sikat na aktor na ngayon ay nagsusumamo upang makabalik lamang sa pag-arte




Actor John Regala, who had a heyday in show business, is now just hoping and pleading to get back into acting.


Because of his illness and his strong desire to act in television and movies again, character actor John Regala is once again depressed.


“Pakiusap ko lang po sana sa mga television network, bigyan niyo naman ako ng trabaho. Kaya ko pa naman [umarte] dahil ito ang makapagpapasaya sa akin. Maraming salamat po,” he pleads.


John was eager to get back to work, but it was impossible.


When asked about his illness, John replied, “Ang hiling ko lang sa Diyos, sana huwag na Niya akong pahirapan pa kung kukunin na Niya ako.


“Okey lang po ako ngayon at nagpapalakas. Alam ko na wala nang kagalingan ang aking sakit ngunit inuubos ko na lang ang aking lakas sa paglilingkod sa Diyos.


“Nandito lang po ako sa aking condominium unit at naghihintay ng pagkakataong makabalik sa pelikula.”


John hasn’t worked in a long time and is fortunate in that many people are willing to assist him in purchasing the medications he requires on a daily basis.


“May ilang loyal supporters na tumutulong sa akin, lalo na ang Iglesia Ni Cristo na hindi ako pinababayaan sa panahon ng pandemya.


“Pero ang pag-arte sa mga pelikula at teleserye ang mga bagay na inaasam-asam na muling maranasan ang hiling ko lang.


“Maraming-maraming salamat sa mga tao na patuloy na naniniwala sa akin at nananalangin para sa akin.


“Maraming salamat din sa mga sa tao na tumutulong at sumusuporta sa akin. Hinding-hindi ko kayo makakalimutan, baon-baon ko kahit saan ako makarating ang kagandahang-loob n’yo sa akin,”


John Regala showed his gratitude to all the people who helped him during his darkest times.


John’s grief has increased since his estranged father, Mel Francisco, died on July 25.

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