Lalaki matapos mag 'SLAMDUNK' hindi na makagalaw dahil na prank ng kanyang mga tropa. Alamin kung ano ito!

Friends will always be the main reason of your embarrassing yet most funny moments. Especially if it is something that involves jokes and well pulled out pranks, who would not love to have a throwback on every single moments you spend with your squad, just being the goofy, carefree kids (and feeling kids) that you were?
That is what exactly happened to this certain group of friends who were playing basketball on a small court on their area. And thanks to the Barangay CCTVs all around the place, a humorous event was all recorded.

The video started when one of them who did not manage to shoot the ball smoothly and decided to do something about his friends who can not stop laughing about it.

Just when his pals thought the good moment was over, he opened the cage situated just in front of their play ground where a huge dog was inside. It startled all of his friends who seem to be scared on this big fellow and quick to their actions, two of them managed to get outside of the court just as when the dog jumped out from his confinement. 

Meanwhile the two left inside had no choice but to stay put. Probably got flooded by his panic, one of them would come up to a plan of pretending so he can get away with the canine sniffing him, barking every now and then.

Joshua Caballero, who shared this hilarious clip of his friends on facebook put an iconic caption, "Mabait 'yan, hindi nangngagat" that made the netizens laughed even harder. The post has already reached 1.2 million views and more than 76 thousand engagements and continuously growing.

Would you do the same prank on your friends or even worse? Share us through the comments your most evil and amusing stories you and and your friends experienced. And who knows? It might be another idea someone might use to make some group gathering memorable!


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